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27 March 2005

The Answerman Comeths - Part 12 & Happy Easter


appy Easter to Everyone! And what a great way to spend part of your Easter... with the Answerman...

I want to get this over with as quickly as possible cause I am heading out for dinner today, and don't want to be bogged down with a bunch of questions. Oh ok, now you're insulted... get over it. lol

First question...

Dear Answerman: If you were to live on a desert island, with nothing there at all, what five things would you take with you ...and why? Signed Fizzy

Dear Fizzy: I've given this considerable thought as you never know... one day I might find myself washed up on a small island in the Carribbean. You're question stumps me in a way. First you said "if you were to be washed up on a desert island, with nothing at all. Then, "what five things would I take along?" Firstly, I would take you along as I would need companionship. Second, an unending supply of wine... so we could toast our new world. Third, since we would be naked on the island we wouldn't need a washing machine so that's out. Oh, I know... music... we would need music to play by the fire when we would be drunk on wine and dancing. Fourth, a unending bottle of aspirin.. why? See number 3. And last but not least, Fifth, a boat hidden on the other side of the island so I could dump you if you got over-bearing. Hey, thanks Fizzy I enjoyed that :)

Second Question...Moving Right Along...

Dear Answerman: a burning question for the Answerman, what is Fishtown? What did they win? Signed dbdoberman

Dear db: I could spend days and days talking about Fishtown and trying to explain it. Fishtown is a real place in Philly... one of the neighborhoods along the Delaware River. Legend has it that Charles Dickens so named the neighborhood because of the numerous Fish Markets and sea Captains that dotted the neighborhood. As far as winning? Soccer... they have produced some really great soccer players... To read more, check out Fishtown Enjoy!

Third Question...I didn't think we'd get here...

Dear Answerman: Why is Easter the first sunday after the first full moon in spring? Signed NowDanny

Dear Now Danny: Easter occurs in spring, close to the vernal equinox. Specifically Easter falls on the first Sunday after the first full moon after the spring equinox unless the full moon is on the equinox in which case it is after the following full moon. Why does it move around, sometimes early in the spring, sometimes later? And what is the connection with the moon? Easter was always a very special holy day, far more than even Christmas a few thousand years ago. During this time, the true believers used to make a pilgrimage to the holy lands. Of course, in this day there were no trains, planes and automobiles, there was foot, camel and horse. Most traveled by foot. This presented a new problem because they needed to be able to travel after dark, and therefore needed some kind of light. What better light to have than the light of the moon? Pilgrims to the holy lands walked at night by the light of the moon. The only way to make sure they would have that light would be to have the holy day move around and follow the moon. A week after the full moon would have the moon rising late at night and being in the sky all night, very convenient for those traveling! Easter, and the Easter bunny himself might just have similar origins. Many cultures have told stories about a "hare in the moon" a bunny equivalent of our man in the moon. Rabbits were often seen as a symbol of sacrificial death. Eggs on the other hand, were seen as symbols of birth.

Burning Questions and Random Thoughts

Whew... every so often the Answerman gets questions that beg to be answered properly. Sometimes he has to go to experts, sometimes he makes up his own answers which he likes better.

Questions for today: Do you have a favorite childhood memory of Easter? Do you remember how you discovered there was no Easter bunny?...

The 100 Things Countdown Continues

Continuing with my list:
61. On Easter my sister and brother would find more of the hidden Easter eggs than I did...

60. At Eastertime, it was time for a new suit. I would go with my father and before we went into the store he would tell me when we found the suit we (he) liked he would tell the salesman that it was too much money. I would then cry and say how much I liked it. We always got the suit at the price my father wanted to buy it for.

59. We always had to go out to the cemetery on Easter to put flowers on the graves of dearly departed family members.

If you really want to see my uptodate 100 Things.


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