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20 March 2005

Arthot Answer B─ârbat A veni Part Ascensor


his week we salute our friends in Romania... the Answerman has traveled there many times searching for answers to your questions. We are gaining momentum there... last month we had two people from Romania visitng our little Blog... this month we've hit a 100% increase and are up to 4 viewers. So anyway, here I am once again to save the day and answer all of your burning questions that you have not been able to find the answers. I have all of the answers... there's not a question out there that I cannot answer... even if I have to make up my own answer to fit the question.

Anyway, let's get moving along here as I am really very busy today. But before I go I just wanted to say I love what you did to the place Denny... very nice... now can we do something with my dressing room?

First question...

Dear Answerman: How often is it necessary for a single guy to clean out his fridge? Signed dbdoberman

Dear db: This is a very good question db... As you know I'm single as well so I'll just tell you how I handle that situation. You shouldn't expend any energy on it at all. I usually wait until right before a date and clean it out. I don't want her to think I'm a slob or anything. Of course it's been about 4 years since I cleaned it. I play a little game called "Guess what I am?" And the meatloaf always gets me... how can meatloaf look like soup? If you do wait to clean it between dates you can always know when your last date was by looking at the expiration date on the milk carton.

Moving along...

Dear Answerman: Oh Answerman, where were you last week? Confess. Signed blue2go

Dear blue2go:Where was I last week? What kinda question is that? That's really delving into my personal life. How would you like it if I asked "blue2go, where were YOU last week?" But seeings you're a long time reader, I'll answer your question. I was with Monique, owner of Moniques House Calls, Stucco Siding and Shopping Mall Owner. I guess I could make up some kinda cool, sexy story here... a story including getting drunk over at the Mollytown Bar & Grille, then crawling over to Monique's for a nightcap... (wink wink), then she went upstairs and I crawled up after her... this is where it gets fuzzy. When I got there she was in a black cat woman's outfit and had a whip in her hand... ummm I forget the rest.

Our Last Question... yawn, stretch...

Dear Answerman: How do they get the salt and butter in those little kernels of popping corn? Signed Barb in Jersey

Dear Barb in Jersey: I thought I better check with an expert on this subject since I didn't want to give you a wrong answer. I went and saw "Fatty" Pickens, part owner of the Perpetual Flea Market. who specializes in useless information and junk. "Well now Answerman, as you may be surprised to find out, Dolly and Lolly's old Lollipop factory over on Molly Lane at one time use to be a popcorn factory. That's right, the Dolly and Lolly Popcorn Factory... they ran it with a cousin named Orville... I don't think he ever amounted to much. However the popcorn biz when belly up because they couldn't figure out how to get the butter and salt into each kernal either. They tried injecting each kernal with a hypodermic needle filled with butter and salt but the little needle thingy kept getting clogged with salt grains. I heard a ways back anyway. that cousin Orville started his own popcorn factory and got pretty big. I think he perfected the old butter and salt in the needle thing." I heard enough and took this info with me over to the Mollytown Bar & Grille... I needed a drink.

[DISCLAIMER]: The Answerman is always right, even when you might think he is wrong.

Burning Questions and Random Thoughts

I don't know how the Answerman does it... he keeps coming up with the answers all the time. It's almost as if he makes the answers up, but he swears he doesn't. And don't forget, if you have a question that you desparately need an answer for, please address it to the Answerman in the comments section on any day.

The 100 Things Countdown Continues

Continuing with my list:
82. I have 8 bottles of wine sitting in/on my state of the art wine rack... all red wine. I'm not too crazy about white.

81. There's at least one thing in a tupperware container in my freezer that I honestly have no idea what it is.. and I really should throw it out.

80. I have 85 DVD's of favorite movies in the video library.


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