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14 March 2005

Beware Today!


eware the Ides of March. Coming on the heels of yesterdays' comments regarding calling off work... today is a good day to call off if you're a little superstitious and your name begins with a J!

I'll betcha didn't know that Julius had a sister named Julia. Julius and Julia Caeser. Sextus Julius Caesar and Marcia of Rome weren't too original when it came to naming their kids. As a matter of fact, their other daughter was named Julia as well.

Unwittingly following their naming pattern, my first wife and I weren't all that original ourselves. Her name is Joanne, our daughter is Joanne. My name is Denny and we have a son Denny... and another son Chris. Now imagine us all at my sister's house on Thanksgiving sitting around the table with her kids where there's Chris and Danny... and to round things out, my brother's wife is Joann.

So, let's recap... we have: at one table, all calling to each other and talking: Big Joanne, Little Joanne, Jerry's Joann, Big Denny, Little Denny and Christopher Victor, Christopher Mark and Danny. My son Denny has a son and Denny continued the tradition and called his son Christopher, my daughter Joanne married Mike and they have a son named Mike. Then to just complete the picture we have my parents, Dot and Harry. When I was born my birth certificate says Harry Dennis Shane, but the Catholic Church wouldn't baptize me because Harry was not a Catholic name. So the church wrote in Henry. So my birth cert says Harry Dennis but my baptisimal cert says Henry Denny. So now I'm Henry Harry Dennis (John: confirmation name) Shane.

Can you see why I am seeing a psychiatrist on a regular basis? Laugh...

Burning Questions and Random Thoughts

So do you have any name problems in your family. Come on, don't lie... yes you do. What are they... that way we can all point and laugh.

The 100 Things Countdown Continues

Continuing with my list:
89. At one time I had a summer home, in NJ, which sat lakeside overlooking the water obviously, and sitting amongst the trees, squirrels. Sigh...

88. I have gone to at least one major league baseball game every year. This year it is opening day at Enron Field Minute Maid Park when the Astros face off against the St. Louis Cardinals. Look for me on TV... my seat is 2 rows directly in back of ol' George and Barb. My first baseball game was at Connie Mack Stadium, long since gone, in Philly.


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