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10 March 2005



an-o-man... being a Blog Conglomerate is hard work. I can remember way back when I first started this blog. I could wake up, get coffee, check the previous days blog for comments, answer them, go monkey around on other blogs, come back, begin writing the blog for the day all in a half hour. How times have changed... man this morning I woke up and 2 hours later I am finally getting around to write today's Blog and I haven't even goofed off yet on other people's Blogs. Laugh

Whew! I Need a Rest Already!

But ya know what? I love it! The more people that come... the more people that leave comments... well, let's just say I have put off housework indefinitely.

While I am thinking about it, please check over on the left side for the newest Blogs on the Almost Normal Members of the Almost Normal Club. I've done something new and added the word NEW so you can pick them out easier. If by chance, I've missed someone, let me know and I'll fix it.

I need to get back to writing about different things and not write about my Blog... just that the last few days and today there's way to much to talk about. Anyway, below is #98 and #97 on my 100 List. I hope you enjoy the list cause my brain doesn't. It's working overtime trying to remember things. Today's item was a killer... so many people, so many years. Laugh.

The 100 Things Countdown

98. Politicians I've Known or met... I've either been in close proximity to, or met in person or had dinner with the following the following national politicians: Harry S Truman - 33rd President of the US, Dwight D. Eishenhower - 34th President of the US, John F. Kennedy - 35th President of the US, Lyndon B. Johnson - 36th President of the US, Richard M. Nixon - 37th President of the US, Gerald R. Ford - 38th President of the US, Ronald Reagan - 40th President of the US, George Bush, Sr.41st President of the US, George W. Bush, Jr. - 43rd President of the US, Nelson A. Rockefeller - VP under Ford, J. Edgar Hoover - Head of the FBI, Earl Warren - Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Barbara Bush, Jacqueline Kennedy, Mamie Eishenhower, Nancy Reagan, Bess Truman. I was 13 years old when I met Truman, Eishenhower and Kennedy and Johnson. As some of you know, I spent 20 years in politics in Philly. It was an extremely interesting time in my life. Maybe in another post I write about other people I've met along the way.

97. I Got the Pope's Bell! Talking about politics... one day I went into City Hall to talk to the Mayor of Philly... Frank L. Rizzo. After our chat he called in his secretary and told her to get me a Liberty Bell. These bells were prize items that the Mayor gave to visiting dignitaries. She came back in with two bells. One large one and one small one. She said, "Mr. Mayor, don't forget the Pope is coming next week and we only have one large and four little ones until the new shipment comes in." He thought about it for a second, then reached out and took the BIG bell and gave it to me. Then he told her to bring in 3 out of the four little bells. He gave me 3 little bells for each of my kids. The following week, Pope John Paul II visited the city... in the paper the next day was a picture of the Mayor giving the Pope a Liberty Bell... uh huh, the smaller bell. Laugh... But the Pope also got other things also so he didn't leave empty handed. Laugh Too funny!

Burning Questions and Random Thoughts

1. Have you ever met anyone famous or infamous? Criminals? Movie Stars?
2. Have I forgotten anyone to add on the Blog List on the left?
3. How much time, daily, do you spend on your own personal blog? i.e. writing, etc.
4. Also, Baseball tickets are now available for sale over in Monique's Shopping Mall.

Good morning Denny and friends. Denny, you got me worried, today is thursday March 10th. Are you trying to see if we are reading the details?
Actually, I don't know what was wrong. When I posted the blog I noticed the time was reading 10 PM... I corrected that but missed the date until you mentioned it. Perhaps after calling Restless Angel a "kid" yesterday she put a hex on me... but I smoothed things over with her this morning in yesterdays comments, I hope... so the time and date should be ok from now on.
sorry for double clutching on my post.
This is a test to see if it posts twice again. I'll only post it once.
Something is wrong. I hit login and publish once and then the page comes up "cannot find page" and when I get back here it's a double post.
Danny... I discovered when you write your post and hit the Publish button and you get the error message DO NOT try and do it all over again.. that's when you start getting the extra postings.

When you get that first message simply go to somewhere else on the internet... then come back and your posting will be there.
This is Blogger's fault. So many people are getting pissed at them... I understand they are trying to figure out why it's happening. Just go ahead and post or whatever. At some point I always catch it and just delete any extra postings.
I met David Beckham in Madrid airport last summer, I don't know how famous he is in the rest of the world, but he captains our football team and he's dead famous here.
I spent far too much time on blog-related activities, but then I am a lazy student with free internet, what do you expect?!
David Beckham? Pretty cool. For those that don't know David is a world class football star... Soccer in the US. I think he has 3 children and lives with his wife Vickie in Madrid... It is Madrid, right V?

Oh, and thanks for stopping by my Blog. If it's ok, I've added your Blog "the prettiest star" to my list of Blogs.
Oh wow I'm so excited! I'm such a kid, I think it's so cool when i get linked. I havn't updated mine for ages, but will do so now.
And you're spot on about Becks, although I doubt the world star stuff sometimes. He messes up games, but never mind...
Wow, quite an impressive list. Discounting just hand shaking, I've only actually met Paul Wellstone and Jim Oberstar. I helped put together an event at a former job and got to meet Wellstone, whom we invited. He was a firebrand in person, just like they say. The crowds parted for him and after listening, I think they would have followed him like Jesus (no offense, anyone). Oberstar is a buddy of our big boss and I've met and talked with him a couple of times.
OK, this is already getting long, but I can't wait to post another comment: I spend 45-min to an hour in the morning on blogging, while I'm getting ready for work. Peek at them a few times during the day while working, come home and sometimes blog an hour or two. Adds up! Nice new set-up on the left.
That's pretty neat blue2go. Senator Wellstone, y'all might remember was a Senator and then in 2002, he, his wife Sheila and daughter Marcia along with 3 campaign workers died in a plane crash. He was headed for victory and re-election at the time.

An ironic story with Sen. Oberstar. His first wife Jo, died in 1991 from breast cancer. Then he met Jean Kurth and they were married in 1993. Jean's first husband died of cancer as well.
This is the last time I will bring this up. As y'all might remember from yesterday's ill-fated blog entry... I called Restless Angel a "kid" and she called me on it. I am not the type of person to kiss butt (even tho I have heard she has a very nice one)... however, in a meager attempt to rectify the situation, I have made RA, the BOD for today. Yes, she is the Blog of the Day. Please click on her link on the left... go to her site, and then give her hell for me. I'm afraid to go there myself.

Ok babe?
famous people... hmm... umm.. i havent met anybody really famous - only local celebs which rate about -Z List celebrities and also now defunct and retired people who no one remembers anyway...
and as for criminals.. my old next door neighbour was a bit of a "del-boy" but other than that.. nope... ooh.. I have talked to one of my favourite writers online..does that count??

i spend too much time blogging... im neglecting my Cinderella duties too.. I may hire a cleaner...

oh, and the 100 hundred list tease.. u could always do what i did with one of mine... i did two lists.. one which i finished pretty quick and posted all at once (yes.. dumb, and not very suspensful.. but i was young and new to the craft) the second.. I stopped at something like 76.. and just havent finished it.. hehe.. bit of a teaser eh? ;)
Hi extraordinary woman in a mediocre life!
Don't downplay who you know. Sure they might be local but they're not local to the people where you live who might be reading this blog. Right? So give up the names. laugh... You said your neighbor was a "del-boy" Ok, I'm admitting ignorance here. What's a "del-boy"? And yes a writer counts! Who was it and do we know anything they've written?

Now I've got a question for you... on your blog you say you are a kylie sized welsh lass. For the benefit of me, what does that mean? laugh...

Oh, and and one last thing. Do you mind telling me your name? I hate writing Hi extraordinary woman in a mediocre life... laugh
Famous People:
George Clinton (I said wow your george clinton and youre really tall)
Kid Rock (he bought me a beer before he was really famous he was just doing the small bar circut)
The Katie Pierson from the B-52's (She was at a CVS in Athens GA buying Tampons)
Micheal Stipe from REM (at the 40 Watt In Athens) He was an asshole and ashed his stupid clove ciggy on me by accident and didnt even say he was sorry.

I spend no time what so ever on my posts, which is why it is rare they make sense. I spend a great deal of time waiting on stupid blogger so I can comment...

by the way I read the entire post on Del Boy but only because Blogger is being a dick this morning.
hey branshine... hey! don't downplay your blog... What makes it interesting and fun, is exactly the reason you gave for not spending a lot of time on it. I enjoy it.

Cool list of people. I am goofy enough I would have asked Katie Pierson to pose with her purchase. Now I didn't say demonstrating... so everyone else get your minds out of the gutter. I meant hold up the box. Oh forget it, I'm sorry I even mentioned it now. LOL

I know what you mean about waiting on Blogger... now if I didn't know better I would say it's possible that in a while you'll get an advertisement from Blogger apologizing for the slowness and then letting you know that for $24.95 per month, they have a new system with no waiting... but you could still have the really slow version for free.
Can anyone hear me SCREAMING????????????????????????????????????? I very rarely get this way but AAAAARRRRRGGGHHHH!!!!
BY the way branshine... I deleted the posting about del-boy because it was too long, and because I was getting pissed and becauser I was bored.

Sorry people it was a good article... lol

Actually, it sucked.
I'm related to Eisenhower, by marriage. Though I never met him, I did attend an Eisenhower function and met other relatives as well as Bob Dole and Colin Powell.

I've met "famous" authors at the writing conference I went to in August. I saw Nora Roberts smoking a cig five feet from me. I've seen Wally from Leave it to Beaver at the Kansas City airport. I THOUGHT I saw the guy who played CLiff Barnes (from the Tv show Dallas) but after my friend and I stalked him through the DFW airport, we realized it wasn't him. ;)
Spot on about Del-boy Den :)
Kylie size refers to the pixie sized princess of pop (at least in britain and australia who is just a mere 5ft1inch tall. If you google her you'll probably notice she is most famous for skimpy clothes and a teeny tiny bum.

The author I spoke to was Louise Bagshawe, shes written lots of chick lit novels; Career Girls, Venus Envy, Tall Poppies and numerous others and currently lives in New York.

stoopid blogger today... its taken ruddy ages o post comments.. sigh...

oh, and the name is maria - or maz for short hehe I do like being called Extraordinary when I pop in
Hi Miss Extraordinary:
I looked up Klylie. Oh yes, I did google her... for about a half hour. LOL

Louise Bagshawe? Never heard of her actually... but I'll look for her book in the bookstore...Venus Envy... does it have a lot of pictures? lol

And finally dear Extraordinary:
While you are here I will adhere to your wishes and call you Extraordinary which I am sure you are... from everything I've heard. However, if we are ever on the Italian Amalfi Coast, in a small Italian ristorante... and I reached across the table, touching each finger... I would whisper:
"Il mio Maria caro dolce.. Lei è assolutamente il radient stasera. Le stelle nei cieli sono neanche vicine a è la sua competizione."

Ok? :)
That's pretty neat about Ike. When I was in Kindergarten or 1st Grade... I can remember walking to school with an "I Like Ike" button... I was soooooo thrilled when he won. I think that was the beginnings of my political career! LOL

Regarding Nora Roberts... geez, I see her books everywhere... bookshelves full of them. That's funny about Cliff Barnes. LOL

Is "Wally", Tony Dow I think his name was... is he still acting or anything?
Politicians: Former senator Tom Eagleton, Mel Carnahan, pretty much anyone involved in Missouri politics in the last 10 years. Shook hands with former President Clinton.
Famous People: The band “Finger Eleven”. I have seen other famous people, but have never actually spoken to them (unless you count the St. Louis athletes as famous, but you can’t help but run into them).
The amount of time I spend on my blog depends on the day. I spend a good amount of time reading other peoples though.
I would have posted this this morning, but I decided I would rather cut off my little finger than deal with blogger anymore this morning...

Anyway, to answer your questions...I've really never "met" anyone famous or noteworthy. Although I did play my clarinet in an ensemble for George Bush Sr. We met him as a group. I've seen a lot of famous people. Just never went up to them.

I spend WAY too much time blogging and checking other's blogs. Maybe 2 to 3 hours a day. Come to think of it, I may have to cut back. It can't be a good thing.

I like the quote "I have the pope's bell". That quote could come in handy in certian situations. lol.
katie... thanks for stopping today! Finger Elevin? I think they were previously called Rainbow Butt Monkeys?

Hey there ya go... you've met a President that I haven't... never met Bill Clinton.
Carol... believe me I know what you mean... it's been terrible. But to really be honest, this is the first time I've ever had so many problems. Since Blogger is free, I really can't write a letter of complaint. It's either "bite the bullet" or move someplace else. Shrug...

You need to start going up to these people, get your picture taken... your kids will love it!
Well...when you grow up in Los Angeles the likelyhood of meeting famous or infamous people is more probable than let's say Kansas. i went to school with some that became famous. I did voluntary charitable ushering in a theater-in-the-round where I met many rock bands and actors. My station was where they came from in order to get to the stage. One actor thought it would be funny to take hold of my arm and march with me to the stage. I tried to get out of his grip, but he knew exactly when the lights would be up again and released me just in time. I went to school with someone killed in one of Hollywood's most notorious murder scandals. Went to a Indy drivers funeral in L.A. and it was full of stars. I have a cousin that does wardrobe in Hollywood and I know lots of stories about "them", they are like anyone else...but they need lots of rubbing of their emotions. Insecure like the rest of us. I've seen them at Disneyland trying to have an ordinary day like us. Saw Yul Brenner and Marlon Brando just out and about. It's easy in L.A. In the San Francisco airport lounge I sat near Phil Hartman and I guess it was his wife, you know the one that killed him! I will say this...Michelle Phillips of "The Mama'a & The Papa's"...was a real demanding BITCH! Cass was cool.
By the way folks, I'm really sorry for all the typos.. I just don't have the strength to go back and correct them all. Blogger has drained me today... LOL

But they're small and you'll still get what I meant. LOL

I think it took about 3 hours for me to get to comment and now I can't remember what I was going to say :(

Thanks for adding me <----- over there!! I will add you also once blogger stops being rude!
sumo that surprises me about Mama Cass, etc. I would have sworn Mama Cass was the demanding one. Glad you told me that now I can forgive Mama Cass... in my mind anyway. LOL

Ok, ok... who was your high school mate that made murder headlines? Put it here I won't tell anyone, honest.
martinilove! Mamma mia, thatsa spicey meataballa!! laugh.

Aren't you sweet, thanks for adding me. A little later when the sun goes down, could we meet over there <----- if it's too crowded we could meet ------>
It's a little more private! lol
Very pretty Denny dear.. be careful what compliments you dish out.. you could end up turning a girls

and thanks for addressing me as extraordinary..hehe
I do like my men obedient ;)
Hey now Xtra... let's not get too S/Mish.... I'm doing that out of courtesy, not ummm what's the word I'm looking for... slavish... yeah, slavish. lol
*knocking lightly*

*peeking around the corner*

*whispering* Is it safe yet?!It took so long to get into blogger comments, you should go read my blog... it's safe now, honestly!! Since I'm here, I'll answer your questions of the day:

1~Diane Lane, Brian Green, Jake Gyllenhal (sort of... does looking over your roof count?)... a few others, but now I've forgotten.

2~Couldn't tell you. I'm there, so I can't say "Me!!" LOL

3~How much time do I spend writing? Usually only 20 minutes tops per entry (counting sign-in time, time it takes to post, etc.) How much time do I spend reading other blogs? Anywhere from a half hour to nearly 2. It depends how many of the blogs I try to read/comment on.

4~For all teams or just a select few? You must mention that part, for the purpose is defeated if you do not.
Well dear BOD... ummmm, I am speechless to say the least. I've never had a Blog Posting of the Day all to myself.

So am I the BPOD, commonly referred to as the B POD... and you are the BOD? I can almost see you and I walking down the street on a chilly, fall New England morning, holding hands, leaves falling from the trees onto your hair and people pointing and saying: "why there goes B POD and BOD... How cute they look" And if we ever had a child, they would say: "Hey look, there goes B POD, BOD and ki..."

......ummm never mind. LOL

Diane Lane, Brian Green, Jake Gyllenhal ... I'm duly impressed

And it's all teams... :)
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