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30 March 2005

The Easter Saga Continues...


fter the phone call from the Vet last night I started questioning if I did the right thing in adopting Easter. The Vet informed me that Easter has ear mites and a tapeworm(s). She went over the items that she needed to do and the cost involved. She kinda indicated what I needed to do for these things. I am by no means a person of money. I'm on social security disability myself and every penny counts. I didn't mind putting out the initial money to make Easter comfortable in her new home, but this unexpected cost is surprising. $350.00 I should have known that there would be additional expenses but I didn't think and it never entered my mind that things could get a little dicey..

She told me that Easter will pass the tapeworm and it will shrivel up and die. Am I going to be finding tapeworms hidden all over the place now until this is over?

The Vet is giving me (selling) the medicine for the ear mites... eardrops. That should be fun. Now I'm glad Easter will be missing those front claws. I'll only have to worry about sharp teeth and the rear claws. She's also giving me a pill that I have to put into Easter's mouth and if I can't do it for whatever reason, bring her back and they will do it for me. Guess which option I'll be picking. There's just something about inserting my fingers into the mouth of any animal with razor sharp teeth to place a pill that the animal really doesn't want to take... I honestly really do need all my fingers... The Vet also suggested buying different litterbox stuff... because of the de-clawing her paws will be sore, so the Vet suggested this stuff they sell that's rolled up newspaper. This will prevent the normal litterbox stuff from getting between her "toes" and irritating them. So I guess today I'll be picking this new stuff up that I have to use for 10 days... until the paws heal.

But I know me... when I go at 10AM to pick her up and the first meow will melt away all concerns about everything I have to do... and everything will be okay. I do believe in things happen for a reason and there must be a reason for this... I really don't think God put Easter and me together to "break the bank."

Burning Questions and Random Thoughts

So.... any tips from the cat people? Are there things I don't know about yet? Ear Mites? Tapeworms? Do's and Don'ts?

The 100 Things Countdown Continues

Continuing with my list:
52. I am definitely not good at treating sick animals.

51. I am a sucker for sick animals.

50. I once put a band-aid on a birds foot, kept it for a few days and then left it go free. I often wondered if it survived. I also thought the bird would grant me 3 wishes out of my kindness. LOL

If you really want to see my uptodate 100 Things.


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