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14 March 2005

Hung Over?


appy Monday!, You made it through the weekend and came back. Great! You got through all the parades and parties in one piece. It's just a shame how the holiday falls... on a weekday but all the festivities are held on a Sunday. Lemme think here... this year Paddy's day falls on Thursday. But on a positive note, it falls on a Friday next year and the following year a Saturday... talk about hangover heaven!

Ring, ring! Hello Boss? I can't make it in today because...

I can remember a few St. Patty's Day hangovers and calling off work. As a matter of fact we can throw in the day after Christmas, New Year's, my birthday of course... who works on their birthday anyway. Let's see... then there were the 4th of July hangovers... Easter... You know what? To save space, just pick a holiday and I usually called off the next day. The only time I never called off was when I was in the Navy... Ugh... I had no choice.

Burning Questions and Random Thoughts

1. So what excuses have you used to call off from work?
2. What one holiday on the calendar do you really over-do it?

The 100 Things Countdown Continues

Continuing with my list:
91. One of my favorite meals is Linquini and Shrimp (Italian Hot Sausage) with tomatoes, broccoli and scampi seasonings. A major downfall of mine is Italian bread... I miss Italian bread from back home in Philly. However, recently I discovered breads from the LaBrea Bakeries. Unbelievably good! You can go to their website and click on the map where you live. They'll tell you where to buy it. Do it, you won't be disappointed. And my favorite is Roasted Garlic.

90. I have 2 baseballs on my I got Nolan Ryan to autograph and the other I got autograph's from: Robin Roberts from the Phillies (Roberts ranks as the winningest righthander in Phillies history - Played 1948-1966, Duke Snyder (aka The Lord of Flatbush for the old Brooklyn Dodgers) and the third on that ball is Pete Rose when he played for the Phillies.

Ok, that's it for the list today...


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