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16 March 2005

I Finally Admit It!


oday, I stand tall and announce to the world, "I am coming out of the closet!" Yes folks, I am admitting it for the first time anywhere... you are reading it first... the burden has been over-whelming. Here goes: deep breath I am a Court TV freak. Wow... I am so much more relieved now.

This secret that I have been harboring for all this time is finally out in the open and I am so relieved. If, I'm not here playing around in Blogville, I'm usually over on Court TV.!
I know the other day in the Burning Questions section I asked about MJ, Blake and Peterson... but today is the sentencing day for Scott Peterson!

I really hope they have the camera on his face when we find out if he will be bunking with "Sally" for the rest of his life, or meeting with Lacy in the afterlife. Personally, I don't think Lacy will be anywhere near where Peterson is heading. Anyway rehashing this story is not the focus of today's entry, even though it very easily could be. NEWS FLAH from the "Not So Normal News Department: This just in! Peterson: Death - Sarah Johnson: Life

Today's entry is about television and favorite shows. Aside from Court TV, I watch reruns of Stargate - SG1.

For some strange reason I prefer watching the reruns as opposed to the current, up-to-date show on Monday nights. But hey, what else would be new in My Anything But A Normal Life? Right? I have a TV here across from the desk and it gets turned on in the morning to catch Good Morning America then the channel gets flipped over to Court TV. That's pretty much where it stays all day, except for local and ABC Evening News with Peter Jennings... after he reads my Blog for his news items, as we already found out, until Stargate comes on and the courts are usually done for the day. Weekends are up for grabs with movies or maybe a few DVD movies.

Burning Questions and Random Thoughts

Which are your favorite TV shows? If you're from outside the U.S. and you watch a local show, you might have to explain it a little. And please... do not put down 60 Minutes or National Geographic, when you really watch The Simpsons! Is there a show on TV that you will absolutely, under no circumstances watch?

The 100 Things Countdown Continues

87.I love vanilla fudge ice cream.

86. I have 29 pictures/items hanging on the walls of my office where I am right now. (doesn't count pictures on my desk shelves) 3 paintings in my bedroom on the walls. 1 in my bathroom and 16 paintings in the dining room and living room.


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