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22 March 2005

I Should Stick to Original Plans...


esterday I mentioned in my article that I was supposed to attend a focus group in the afternoon. I should know by now that I should stick to my original plans. Did I go to the focus group and give them my opinions on such matters as legal cases, or which can of soda I enjoyed more? No... what did I do instead?? I had a loose tooth and it was beginning to really annoy me. Now you're getting the idea of where I went instead... yes, the dentist AGAIN. Our conversation kinda/sorta went like this:

Dentist: Oh yes, I see... see how it wiggles, see how it hurts when I twist it?

Dentist: We need to pull it, we can't save this one.

Now normally, she over-loads me with pain killers and I don't feel a thing. However this time she said,

Dentist: We're going to try something different, we're not going to load you up... just a milder form of anethesia."
Me: uh huh
Dentist: Mr. Shane I didn't do anything yet, I was just preparing the area. Now I'm going to give you a little injection for discomfort. Here goes...
Dentist: Just relax a minute. Open wide... wider... WIDER please? Mr. Shane, (sigh) I really can't pull the tooth with your mouth shut.

So I close my eyes and open my mouth... WIDE. She starts to pull. I let out a loud OUCH... or words close to that effect. She pulls away... "Did that hurt?" Sheesh.

Dentist: Ok, open up again and we'll try once more"
She puts the pliers or whatever they were into my mouth, grabs the tooth and yanks it out in one full swoop. The pain was like an arrow being shot into my brain.

Driving home with a mouth full of gauge, I kept saying over and over: "Idiot! Idiot! You should have gone to the focus group!"

Burning Questions and Random Thoughts

Are your experiences with your dentist enjoyable? When the dentists says, "This isn't gonna hurt at all" Do you believe them? Would you believe that a long time ago I read that the highest suicide rate in the country belonged to one group: Dentist. Now why doesn't that bother me?

The 100 Things Countdown Continues

Continuing with my list:
76. My favorite Chinese dinner is: Egg Roll, Won Ton Soup, Hunan King Fried Rice and Garlic Shrimp
75. I can eat left-over pizza the next day but then have to throw whatever is left-over out. I can't save it for 2 days.
74. I have a subscription to National Geographic. So far I've gotten 7 issues and have only read 2.

If you really want to see my uptodate 100 Things.

Do you hear any music at all when you come onto this blog? I want to have some nice, soft music playing to soothe your nerves, but I am not sure if I've coded it right. I thought I did, no one can hear it except me. Can anyone hear it?


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