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11 March 2005

MJ or Blogger?


hich should be shot? I was equally furious with both Blogger and MJ yesterday. First with Blogger for being sooooo slow. Secondly for the circus in California that the taxpayers are paying for... Did he actually think anyone would buy his act? But what really sent me up the wall was when the judge back-peddled on his statements.

Anyway, nothing is going to put me in a bad mood today. Because, it's my birthday!! and my sisters birthday in NJ. Born on the same day only 4 years apart.

Ah, I remember the old days when our birthdays came around... y'all remember I mentioned previously how my dad and sister would drop me on my head to pass the time? Birthdays were no exceptions... He's 5 years old today!! One, thud... Two, thud... Three thud. Everyone got a turn. Since it was my sister's birthday also, she got a few extras for good luck. As I lay there slipping in and out of a coma, I could hear: "Awww Denny is still sleeping, go ahead and blow out his candles also.... here's one of his presents for you also."

Today I am going to just live with total abandonment... I'm not gonna check for typos!! Actually, I'm done writing also! Because it's my birthday? NO! Because I've written this stupid thing 3 times already and for some reason I keep hitting the damn delete key... this is the 4th version and I can't remember all the really cool things I wrote about in the first 3 versions.

The 100 Things Countdown Continues

96. You may know my Great Grandparents... Roderigo Diaz and Donna Jimina? Such a fun loving couple. They lived in Campeador Bivar, Spain and were my 29th Great Grandparents. He went under the name of "el Cid" most of the time.
95. I have 2 TV's, 2 VCR's and 2 Stereo's and 14 remote controls... 2 of which I have no idea at all what they are for.
94. I love horror, science fiction and murder movies.
93. I really, really hate when I write an entire blog entry and somehow hit the delete button instead of the enter button.
92. Remember the Kukla, Fran and Ollie Show? I can remember the names of the 3 stars in alphabetical order: Fran, Kukla and the third one.... geez, I know the name like the back of my hand... I hate when this happens.

Burning Questions and Random Thoughts

1. Since it's my birthday, what, if you could give me an imaginary birthday gift... what would it be? Note: Imagenary money is no object either.
2. MJ, guilty or innocent?
2a. Robert Blake? guilty or innocent?
2b. Scott Peterson? electric chair, lethal injection or life in prison?
3. How many remote controls do you have, either working or non-working?

Well, it only took me 3 minutes to get this far.... I haven't hit the Publish button yet... here goes...
wow... immediately! lol
1.I would buy you a drink, and something to keep you entertained all day- like a small monkey, a mini circus, or for true entertainment, my photos from last night's party, but I may post them later, so. But Happy Birthday!
2.I think the real guilty people are his parents for making him so messed up as a kid.
2a &b. No idea who they are.
Hey V! Thanks for the HB... no remotes? I never knew anyone without a remote to something! :)
Happy Happy Birthday Denny! Can you hear me, I'm singing. No? Actually it's a good thing you can't, that would be an awful way to start your birthday.
OK, if I were magic, I would give you your heart's desire. But we have no idea as to what that might be. Hopefully that will be coming up soon in your 100-listing. Until then (when I get to be magic) I'm wishing you a fun birthday and rest of the year. Fun is usually a pretty good present. Hope you like it.
hi blue! Yes, I love fun... that's always a good present. wow, between you abd v... I'm having fun AND mini circus!! cool! Thanks, appreciate it!
Yeah I don't own a remote cuz I don't have a tv, and I watch dvds on my laptop. And my room is too small for anything to be 'remote' enough anyway.
ah ok V... that's what I thought....
I haven't been able to comment, blogger is having a major brain fart.I wanted to wish you a VERY Happy Birthday!!!! Have a great day and I hope you get everything you wish for. FROM: dl

Mornin' Denny! Tried to post a comment on your blog and when I hit the button 'post comment', it took me to a page that said the blog you are looking for does not exist or some such thing. Maybe this is why there aren't that many comments this am......

Wanted to tell you
Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!

And, in a temporary moment of computer literacy - I was able to actually sign on to the blog!!!!!!! Was wandering around and came across some stuff. SO - next time it will actually say MY name when I post - if I can get there that is..........laugh.
You have a WONDERFUL Day!!!


Denny, Happy Birthday to you and your sister. I tried to post on
your blog but when I go to comments and then post comment a message comes
up" cannot find this blog" or something like that. I tryed several
times since about 6:00 this morning and on different computers. Still
the same. I hope you have a great b-day with lots of fun.

FROM NowDanny
Hi Denny --

Happy Birthday!!

I hope you don't mind me sending you an e-mail, I tried to comment on your blog but Blogger is being an ass today. It's saying (for me, anyway) that the blog I am trying to comment on could not be found. Whhaaa? Anyway. Have a great day and thanks for the lovely comment.
Cheers! Kimberley

Happy birthday Denny! I enjoyed your story about being bounced on the head once per year! Ahhh, good times. May your day be filled with many a lump!

Lois Lane

P.S. Restless Angel sent me and Blogger wouldn't let me say stuff! MJ and Blogger are both dead to me!



Your welcome, we could all use a good belly laugh every so often.

Your site won't let me comment, and damnit I always have something to say about everything. Grrrrrr.

Did you check out my new blog graphics?? Courtesy of Seven, I'm loving it!!!

Geez... I'd like to really thank Blogger here for screwing up a perfectly good Birthday! LOL...

And it started out so pleasant... and went all to crap...

It's pretty pathetic when you have to post your own birthday wishes from my email that people sent me. LOL...

But anyway:
Thank you dl!
Thank you Karin
Thank you Now Danny
Thank you Kimberley
Thank you and welcome Lois Lane
And last but not least, thank you Brighton (you're blog page is OUTSTANDING!)

If I have forgotten anyone, please accept my personal apologies... Don't be afraid to let me know. LOL Why not? The rest of my day has been ruined with my sky-rocketing blood pressure. LOL I'm afraid to hit the Publish button because if this post doesn't take, I'll scream.

Ok, here goes nothing... oh, and if y'all have a chance... now I'm not saying anything but:


You don't have to say "oh looks good Den" lol because I know it looks crappy so far... but I'm doing it JUST in case... you know...

Thank you everyone!
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday dear Denny
Happy Birthday to you
and many more cha cha cha!
I sing pretty good huh Denny?
Just for you cuddle bunny
I can't believe I was able to comment. Nothing was happening yesterday. Blog not found was on everyone i tried
Today is a good day
That was very, very nice magic... I enjoyed it! Cuddle bunny? Hmmm, you don't know what that could lead to...

Thanks again!
It's a miracle! Comments are working again!

Happy Birthday to you and your sister! It seems to be a popular b-day!

(I found you from the comments on Happy&Blue2's and blue2going's blogs, btw.)

1. Your virtual birthday present is 3 wishes. If you had three wishes, what would you wish for?
2. Guilty
2a. Not sure
2b. Thrown in a deep lake with an anchor tied to his ankle.
3. Three: One for the TV, one for the DVD Player, and one for the VCR.

Enjoy what's left of your b-day!
Denny, Denny, Denny! I am hurt that you forgot my email yesterday (answer to the Hollywood murders) the end of the email I said Happy B-day then because I wasn't sure I'd make it on your blog. You have some penance to perform oh wise and knowing one! Since Magicfingers said cuddle bunny, I was going to say "stud muffin"...but now..........I'm not so sure. Sniff!

(1) another must be running out of room.
(2a) probably guilty...hope not.
(2b) probably...hope not. he was a cute little guy from "our gang".
(3) 4-5 remotes. are descended from Charlton Heston and Sophia Loren? Such genes to have!
Hey just rambling!
Welcome to my molasses factory.

If I had 3 wishes? Hmmm, I hate when people ask these kinds of questions. lol
1. A blog site that runs without slowdowns... I've been trying to post here... geez, since my last birthday!
sumo cutie....
You're right I did forget to mention it here. I think after I read it, and I did answer it right via email? I simply forgot about answering it on here. But the way things are working here, maybe I did and it simply disappeared. LOL

Anyway, thank you... you know I appreciate it!

Wow, you don't want to convict anyone do you? LOL Here are 3 more for ya?
1. Charles Manson?
2. Richard Nixon?
3. Lizzie Borden?
No Heston or Loren, so far.
still slow, but at least its finally working again....grrrr

anyway.. I did try gettin on to wish you happy birthday yesterday - in the end i posted it up on my flooble mini chatroom...

I say shoot blogger - MJ will land up with his own sticky end.. no pun intended.


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