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29 March 2005

One More Mouth to Feed...


eet Easter... Easter is the new addition to my life. On Easter afternoon I received an excited call from my two daughters. "Daddy! Daddy! Guess what? We found a kitten!" "Wow, that's really nice guys" "And it's for you" "For me? How nice!" And so began Easters new life... rescued from a horrid life of drugs, prostitution and left-over mystery food while living and scrounging on the mean streets of Houston.

Before actually seeing my new roomie, I went to Petco and bought all the needed things: litter box, sleeping thing/couch/whatever, kitty treats, brush, food, bowls... $150.00 worth of things. Then over to pick up "Easter" She went into her new carrier without so much as a "meow"... I think she liked her new home... she came out of the carrier and walked around very gingerly looking at everything, examining every room in the apartment.

After about an hour she came over to me, meowed once, I picked her up and put her next to me... she curled right up and went to sleep after licking my hand. I guess we bonded right away.

Yesterday I took her for a ride... to the Vet. And the Vet took me for a ride as well. OMG, I went into shock... de-clawed, neutered, shots... my mouth dropped open. I thought, "geez, I must be helping to build an annex to the pet doctor's hospital here." $600.00!!! BUT, if I joined the club it would only be $99.00 now plus $19.95 per month and then the price dropped to about $200.00. "Easter" started licking my hand... I am a strong believer in "signs"... was this a sign? In my brain I could hear a voice, "oh go ahead you meany"

So, little "Easter" is at the Vets getting her "grease, oil and lube" job. They'll keep her over night to make sure she came through everything ok. I wonder if she'll hate me now? Does she miss me? Even though I only had her here a day, I already kinda miss her... even though there was nothing in her new litter box. I wonder where she was going? Oh well, I'm sure I'll discover her "spot" before long.

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54. Growing up in Philly I only had dogs.

53. When I was a kid, I briefly had two little turtles as pets.

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