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18 March 2005

We're Not In Kansas Anymore Toto


ven I'm amazed, at how cool this blog makeover turned out! It's like waking up Christmas morning and finding all the gifts. Many thanks has to go to the designer, "seven", Blog Developer Extraordinaire.

He simply took my ideas and ran with them... never complaining about what a pain in the ass I had become! Laugh I think this is going to be fun watching it develop. I'm so happy with the way things turned out with this blog, that I am considering having Monique's Shopping Mall re-vamped! God knows it needs something... like customers maybe! LOL

But I do want your input. Let me know if anything doesn't look right to you... It all looks fine at my end but many of us have different systems and setups... what might look great to me might be a pile of garbage to the next person.

I'll be back later, but for now I wanna run around and look at things, more importantly I want to play with stuff!

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I would highly recommend seven for all of your design needs. His website is located at Blogs Gone Wild


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