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20 March 2005

What Time Is It? Who Are You?


oday started off much like every other day. Last night I went to bed about 10:30PM I guess. I have never used an alarm clock... ever. I simply think of the time I want to get up and somehow, I don't know how... I wake up at that time, give or take a few minutes. This afternoon I'm taking part in a focus group but that's not until 2PM... so I don't know why I would wake up at 4AM this morning... but anyway, I woke up, looked at the alarm, 4AM, got up and out of bed and started my morning routine. Put coffee on, turned on computer, went to bathroom...

By that time the coffee was done. Came back in and sat down and got myself ready to start doing whatever. I looked at the computer clock and it said 12:30AM. That's odd, maybe the clock battery in the computer was slowing down and I needed another. I opened up the utility to change the time and got up to go into the kitchen to look at the wall clock so I could enter the correct time. It stunned me... 12:32AM! What the... I walked into the bedroom to look at my alarm clock... 12:32AM. This was not good... laugh. Honest to God that alarm clock said 4AM when I woke up.

So here I sit now at 1:00AM wondering what to do... You people in the UK should be glad I don't have your phone numbers... I'd be calling right about now. I am a strong believer in "things happen for a reason" except now I am wondering why I should be awake. I could start calling everyone I know to make sure they're ok... I'm sure they would appreciate my concern at 1:15AM.

Burning Questions and Random Thoughts

I bet you know what today's Burning Question is, huh? Has this happened to you? Not just wake up and go back to sleep... I mean wake up, get out of bed and start your day and then realize you're about 3 or 4 hours off? Anybody want my phone number and they can call me? I do have a question for anyone... I want to put the little newspaper here, like the one over there on the right column, with a headline from the Curiosity news on it... you click on it and a pop up comes up with that article. How the hell do I do that? What is the code? I have tried all kinds of combinations and it won't work...

The 100 Things Countdown Continues

Continuing with my list:
79. Sometimes I wake up at strange hours of the night and think it's time to get up. Ahem.
78. When it's 1AM and I am on the computer, I am usually naked.
77. Sometimes I don't know when to stop typing.

That's it... I wonder if I have any sleeping pills. Coffee, sleeping pills.. what a combination.


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