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26 March 2005

Why "Good" Friday?


esterday I was on a blog and someone mentioned why was Easter called "Happy" since Christ was crucified and died. I corrected the person and reminded him that Christ didn't die on Easter, but Good Friday. Then I started thinking... why in the world do we call it a "Good" Friday? What was so good about it? Now please don't take this article wrong. I'm not making fun of, or getting santimonious, or religious but the subject of "Good" made me investigate it's origins.

The phrase "good Friday" does not appear in the Bible and neither does the word "Friday". The only day of the week given a name in the Bible is the 7th day, the Sabbath. The other days are designated as the first, second, third and so on. And remember, the Sabbath is a Saturday, not a Sunday as many people believe.

"Good Friday" is a construct of the apostate church long after Jesus' death.

Definition and etymology Good Friday, called Feria VI in Parasceve in the Roman Missal, he hagia kai megale paraskeue (the Holy and Great Friday) in the Greek Liturgy, Holy Friday in Romance Languages, Charfreitag (Sorrowful Friday) in German, is the English designation of Friday in Holy Week -- that is, the Friday on which the Church keeps the anniversary of the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

From the earliest times the Christians kept every Friday as a feast day; and the obvious reasons for those usages explain why Easter is the Sunday par excellence, and why the Friday which marks the anniversary of Christ's death came to be called the Great or the Holy or the Good Friday. The origin of the term Good is not clear. Some say it is from "God's Friday" (Gottes Freitag); others maintain that it is from the German Gute Freitag, and not specially English. Sometimes, too, the day was called Long Friday by the Anglo-Saxons; so today in Denmark.

According to Catholic dogma, which has largely been carried over into Protestant churches, Jesus was killed on Friday and resurrected Sunday morning, with the anniversaries of those dates observed as part of the Easter celebration.

A little research will show that "Easter" came about by the combination of a pagan holy day around the spring equinox, celebrating the false goddess Ishtar and the need felt by that apostate church to move its people away from the celebration of the Passover, the holy day given by God (G-D).<--- see comments why GOD is indicated by G-D

According to the Bible, Jesus was executed on Wednesday, dying in the afternoon, and remained in the grave until sometime late on Saturday, probably about sunset. I found this interesting and spent a few minutes trying to find if it mentions the 4th day as the day of the Crucifixtion... I couldn't find it. Not that it wasn't there I just got tired.

Burning Questions and Random Thoughts

What do you do on Easter Sunday? Have a huge dinner? Go to a dinner with family or friends? And for our Jewish friends, since Passover is near falling this year on 24 April, what do you do for Passover?

The 100 Things Countdown Continues

Continuing with my list:
64. I call out the window and yell at stupid drivers. Well not so much now that I've matured.

63. I enjoy camping and always did when I lived back in Philly... but have never gone since I've been in Texas. Mainly because all the women I hooked up with never wanted to go.

62. I like all kinds of music, except heavy metal, rap, and something else that I've forgotten.

If you really want to see my uptodate 100 Things.


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