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06 April 2005

Aaahhh! Good Memories! Good Times!


nce again I tried to organize my pictures and once again I failed miserably. I just get so over-whelmed with them all. I wish I hadn't taken so many. Why would I take a picture of a stranger's foot? Then there's a picture of a really cool road. Why did I take it? Beats me, but it's nice... as far as roads go...

Then I came across a group of shots that I took when I lived back in Philly. We had stayed at a friends house in Skytop, in the Pocono Mountains for a week. One of the places we visited was Bushkill Falls. If you look right you'll see walkways made out of wood. They snaked all around the gorge, up and down. You could view the Falls from just about any angle and any length... what you see is not the falls either, just a small babling brook... the Falls are across from that photo and they are HUGE... but the Falls are not the story here.... it's kinda/sorta about the walkways. See the people in the picture? That's not me but it kinda gives you the idea. This is just a picture to give you an idea... it's not the original spot. In order to get to the spot where they are standing you had to go down a flight of these wooden steps placed along the side of the cavern... maybe 20 steps...

At the time I had a video camera and thought it would be neat to take video of us walking down those steps. So here I am leading the family down these steps, taking the video, and trying to see where I was walking through the view-finder in the camera... not at all like a normal person who would take the camera away and look... nope, I wanted action as we decended the wooden steps. Have you guessed yet that I missed a step? Yep, somehow I didn't see the little step and missed it. Subsequentially, I began to tumble down the steps, heading straight for the gorge. I don't mean just loosing my balance... I mean knock down, dragged out, body on the ground, rolling down the steps. The amazing thing is that the camera was still rolling the whole time.

I eventually got to the bottom and stopped just shy of about a foot from going over the side and down into the bottomless gorge! While I was rolling to my death I think I heard my family behind me either screaming or laughing... I'm not sure which. To make a long story short, I twisted both my knee and ankle... plus an assortments of scraps and bruises... but hey, the action video was great!

Burning Questions and Random Thoughts

Have you ever had a vacation go terribly wrong? Or perhaps your most memorable vacation accident with a funny ending?

Today's Birthday

Today's birthday boy is Butch Cassidy [Robert Parker],US desperado, better known as part of the duo: Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. Born today in 1866.

The 100 Things Countdown Continues

Continuing with my list:

36. I have a great fear of heights.

35. If I go to a mall, I do not walk next to the railing and look down to the floors below.

If you really want to see my uptodate 100 Things.


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