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27 April 2005

At Last... Communion


ven growing up I didn't have a normal life. Some things I caused myself and other things were... well, other people's fault. My daughter Olivia makes her first Holy Communion this Saturday. What does this have to do with my past? Well.... back then, I was a very holy person... despite the fact that I was an altar boy and got caught laughing at midnight Mass on the altar. The nun in charge told me I would never serve a Sunday Mass and I was relugated to 5:30 AM weekday Masses from then on. Anyway... It was a Sunday morning and us school kids were gathering in front of church as we did every Sunday to attend Mass.

A nun came along and announced: "anyone going to communion, get in this line over here." I had been practicing for the past two weeks for my first Holy Communion. I was excited and thought, "cool, I'm making communion today." So I got in the line with the other kids. I kinda/sorta thought something was odd however. I knew my parents had bought me a white suit to wear for the event, just as all the other parents bought white suits for the kids. I wonder who goofed, since no one was wearing a white suit. But nonetheless, everything went fine. I made communion and was pretty darn pleased with myself... I guess I felt holy... shrug.

I went home and announced what took place. I expected some hand shaking, back-slapping... even a "good going", however, my mother had a look of horror on her face. That was my tip-off that something was wrong. "You're not supposed to make communion until next week!" Oooppss... I tried to explain about the nun and the communion line. Then I found out that was for kids that already had made their first holy communion... not freshmen like me. Holy Crap... I could see the gates of Hell opening with a "Welcome Denny" sign hanging there. My parents couldn't leave well-enough alone... they called the Rectory and spoke with the priest. 'I am so dead' kept going through my mind. They wanted to know what to do about my exhuberence. I honestly don't know what the priest told them but everything seemed okay. The following week was the main event. By now my story had filtered through the second grade and I thought of myself as an "explorer of sorts"... I paved the way. Everyone wanted to know what it was like. Did I feel holier afterwards? Things like that. Yesterday I checked the church calendar... I wanted to make sure my daughter wasn't following in her dad's footsteps.

Burning Questions and Random Thoughts

So what goof-ups, religious or not, did you make when you were a kid? How about as an adult? or your kids... any goof ups?

Today's Birthday

Today's birthday boys are Jay Leno, born in New Rochelle in 1950 comedian/talk show host. Our other birthday boy is none other than Saddam Hussein, born in 1937. Hmmm this could be his last birthday.

The 100 Things Countdown Continues

Continuing with my list:

14. In the confessionals they had a phone for the hard of hearing. I thought it was cool to use it.

13. The priest yelled at me for using it.

12. Plus I had to report it as a sin in that confessional. Who knew? I think that's when the skids were being greased for me.

If you really want to see my uptodate 100 Things.


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