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12 April 2005

Disco Baby!!


esterday I came across all of my Donna Summer CD's. I started playing them and I can't get enough of that sound! Do you remember Disco? What a period of music. To paraphrase from a website devoted to disco, "In a world where the term "diva" is as overused as a MAC machine in an Atlantic City casino, Donna Summer stands as a reminder of what true divadom is. She's got talent, class, style and a stack of gold and platinum records that's the envy of Fort Knox - yet at heart she still remains an Ordinary Girl." There was just no one better at disco than she was.

Sometimes, listening to the radio today I really wonder why disco went by the wayside. I know every generation thinks their time in music was the best... maybe it's my age but I can't understand half the crap that's "on the radio" these days. And if a band can't get through one song without breaking their guitar into a million pieces... Don't these kids know why they do that? It's simply because they can't sing and they need a gimmick. But I do believe every generation goes through this... the parents look at the music their kids are rockin to and shake their heads. Back when I was listening to "real" rock n roll during it's birth and heyday, the parents then basically outlawed the stuff. There were entire towns that thought anyone listening to rock n roll was headed straight to hell... pronto! And now I look at the music and I'm not that stupid to think the kids are going to hell. Come on now, it's the 21st century... they're headed for Purgatory.

OoOoOoOOoo hold on a sec, "Bad Girls" is on. toot toot! LOL.

Burning Questions and Random Thoughts

What music was from your time? Do you enjoy music from another time? Got a favorite song?

Today's Birthday

Today's birthday boy is Ferdinand I "the Good Natured", born in 1793. He was Emperor of Austria and King of Hungary.

The 100 Things Countdown Continues

Continuing with my list:

32. I could never dance to disco music.

31. Actually, I couldn't dance at all... except for slow dances.

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