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20 April 2005

Eastercat AKA Frankencat


rankencat... yes, little Easter has a double personality. One minute she is cute, cuddly, purring softly, licking my hand, and well-behaved. In the flash of a minute however, she turns into the creature that stalks me and everything else in the apartment. I picked her up last night to pet her and she hissed at me. I mean a BIG hiss. I could see her tonsils. ..

This morning when I woke up she was a cutesy, little kitten... weaving in and out between my feet as I tried to go to the bathroom. Purring seductively with that little guttural throaty sound. Fast forward to kitchen and I fill her bowl with "fresh fish parts" or some other savory delight. She ate it, and I went to pet her... presto! chango!

Right before my eyes... Frankencat. Growling, teeth showing... The only thing missing were the electrodes on her neck... This sudden psychosis has me stupified to say the least. She finally stretched out on what use to be my sofa. I ginergly sat next to her to have a little chat. I petted her head... even massaged her shoulders. I spoke gently and told her that she is the only one for me and I haven't been out catting around on her.

The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms emerged. I slowly slinked off the sofa and into a neutral corner of the room. The same corner where my beautiful Aloe plant once beamed with happiness. Now it's dying an ignominius slow death with suspiciously little teeth marks in it. It's only me and her in this apartment and sucking aloe things aren't my bag. But hey, far from me to be pointing fingers.

I even read her a story, and told her all about the little kitten that turned into Frankencat and how it went to the kitty farm for new owners. She didn't like the ending.

The other day I even removed the nice collar with the little bell on it... to signify I understand her need to be totally free and unincumbered. I even told her that if she didn't start being good I would resort to putting back on her, that red cone from when she had her stitches in... I think that was a wrong move... especially when for emphasis I showed it to her. BIG mistake... I realize I love this music and it's been a long time since I saw the Rocky Horror Picture Show. I've decided that I am treating myself and Frankencat to the movies today. It will at least show her what happens when good people (and cats) go wrong.

Burning Questions and Random Thoughts

Do any of my cat friends out there have any advice? Do cats get distemper shots? Do they work? Are cats alergic to Aloe? Is Aloe like LSD for cats? Do parakeets show their teeth when you pet them?

Today's Birthday

Today's birthday gal is Jessica Lange in Cloquet MN, actress (King Kong, Tootsie) born in 1949.


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