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22 April 2005

Friday Night Blues


riday nights haven't changed at all since I was a teenager. After a week of pure hell aka school, the weekend finally arrived. We started waiting for Friday night first thing Monday morning... in my case I started waiting on Saturday morning. Back then there was something always going on... somewhere to go and someone to go with, or someone to meet. The back row of the movies, the back seat of your car at the drive-in... or the local dance in the basement of the Our Lady of Hope I Meet Someone church.

The only thing I had to worry about back then was if I had clean and cool clothes for next Friday night. I can remember the dreaded phrase, "you're grounded for 5 days" and you nearly died when you did the math on the calendar and realized Friday night was in that week of punishment. I didn't care about 4 of those nights because they were usually school nights and I didn't go out anyway... but don't screw around with Friday night.

Fast forward to the present day. You hear your parents somewhere in your head as you tell your kids... "becareful... do you have clean underwear on in case you go to the hospital... be home early..." Your big Friday night is no longer the movies or dance... it's lost somewhere between eating a left-over burrito for dinner, and watching Frankie Avalon and Annette Funicello for the zillionth time in "Beach Blanket Bingo." Or curled up on the sofa reading "Improving My Social Skills." It's almost as if once you hit a certain age, Friday nights drop off the calendar. You do have a headache on Saturday morning when you wake up but it's because you're trying to think... "what happened to Friday? Last thing I remember is going to bed Thursday night." You use to sit in school and pass notes to the love of your life asking what you were going to do that night... now Friday nights consist of writing yourself a note, reminding yourself to do the wash on Saturday, grocery shop for the next week. Then it dawns on you that when you grow up, get married, whatever... you are permanently grounded on Friday nights.

Now I know there are a lot of single people that read this blog... you're young, single, and that your Friday nights are filled with heading out to a club or wherever... Fast forward 10 years and where are you? You're sitting in your kitchen writing yourself notes.

Burning Questions and Random Thoughts

Honestly, what do you do on Friday nights now? Are you as peppy as you were when you were single or a teenager on Friday night? What are you having for dinner tonight?

Today's Birthday

Today's birthday boy is Aaron Spelling, born in Dallas TX, TV executive producer (Charlie's Angels, Melrose Place, Dynasty, Love Boat, Starsky and Hutch, Mod Squad. Born in 1923.

The 100 Things Countdown Continues

Continuing with my list:

20. Friday was always movie night at the Midway Movies in Philly when I was a teenager.

19. I only sat in the back row once.

18. Once I could drive, the theater was replaced by the back row in the Drive-In.

If you really want to see my uptodate 100 Things.

News Update

In yesterday's blog I wrote about the little girl left in a car, while it was running and doors unlocked while the mother ran into Payless Shoes.

There was an update on this mornings News... the little girl was raped. Police said the mother will not be charged because she was only in the store for a minute. What the hell is that???? Is something wrong with the Houston police? "I'm sorry Officer, I shot the person, threw the gun away, right away." "That's ok son, you only had the gun in your hand for a few seconds."


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