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23 April 2005

The Last Dance


hould be playing about 9:45 PM tonight and hopfully I will be totally danced out. That's right, tonight is the Father/Daughters Dance that I mentioned a few days ago. The theme for tonight's dance is the 50's with Hamburgers, Hot Dogs and Milkshakes as the main fare. I didn't really realize that the important word in the previous sentence was "50's". More about this a little later...

I kinda/sorta remember the 50's... Bob Horn was the host for American Bandstand which was aired from 46th and Market Streets in Philly. I know, I know... you're sitting there asking "who the hell is Bob Horn?" When American Bandstand first came on the air back then, a guy named Bob Horn was the host, not Dick Clark and the show was called Bob Horn's Bandstand. To make a long story short, there were rumors that Bob Horn was involved in what was known as "payola". Payola was taking money from recording companies, given to DJ's for playing the recording companies songs, over and over... thereby selling more of those songs. Betcha didn't know that huh?

Poor Bob got caught and was replaced by a new kid... a 26 year old Dick Clark... shrug... 26???? who was this guy? When Clark took over the reigns, the name was changed to American Bandstand.

In Philly, we just called it "Bandstand" For years Bandstand was in Philly. Clark's first day on Bandstand was 9 July 1956. Dick Clark looked just as young at the end of Bandstand's run as when he first started in the 50's, thereby getting the nickname as the world's youngest teenager. He never changed. Poor Dick... hope you're recovering from that stroke, friend.

At right is a picture of my very first absolute true love... Annette Funicello... taken on the day she appeared on Bandstand shown here with Arlene Sullivan, a regular on the show. Annette was my love, along with a zillion other guys. But between you and I... she secretly loved me also. Sssshhhhh! That's a secret... don't wanna crush those other guys.

The Catholic schools in Philly didn't even want you watching Bandstand, let alone actually going and be seen on television with a school emblem, because of the terrible, devil worshiping Rock n Roll and kids gyrating all across the TV sets. MMMmMMM, yes, those gyrating girls in their Catholic school girl uniforms... MMmMmMmm... I am so going to Hell. Back then girls from Catholic High Schools wore uniforms with the school insignia. The girls found a way to conceal themselves and wore sweaters so when the camera went onto them, no school affiliation could be seen. And IF... God forbid, the nuns or priests saw you on Bandstand... geez, they had punishments and tortures that rivaled the Salem Witchcraft Trials... ever try kneeling on your knuckles for an hour?

The kids gathered prior to the show at a restaurant on the corner next to the TV station... called Pop's. Malts, hamburgers and hot dogs (sound familiar?) were the main menu selection. Pop's emptied out when the producers of the show came in and hollered "showtime!!"

There were the regulars on the show. The kids that the producers thought were cool... then there were the rest of us... who use to fight over who got in line first to be on the show. They only selected so many kids to be on that day's show. "Hey, better luck tomorrow kiddo" Everyday there was a new star or singer to perform... here's some trivia if you're interested... of all the singers that appeared on Bandstand, BB King was the ONLY singer who DID NOT lipsync... every single star that appeared lip-synced to their songs. Sigh... so many years ago... good memories...

So tonight's dance is the 50's. However, I didn't realize that until my ex-wife mentioned it to me last night. Here is tonight's dance wear for me and the girls... pay attention now... it's important:

GIRLS: Bobby socks, poodle skirt (large skirt with a poodle on it) or capri slacks, color co-ordinated blouse with collar turned up and cool dancing shoes.

ME: Tappered black, thin pinned stripe suit, black socks, slightly colored, long sleeved shirt... with genuine faux pax diamond cuff links and black oxford shoes.

Ummmm... does anyone see anything wrong with this picture?

Burning Questions and Random Thoughts

Have you ever gone to a Father/Daughter dance? Maybe your daughter with her father? What dance was popular when you were a teenager? Remember a song?

Today's Birthday

Today's birthday... oh my God... so many to choose from: Sandra Dee - 1942, My personal, all time favorite... Roy Orbison - 1936, Shirley "On the Good Ship Lollipop" Temple - 1928 and old William "Billy the Bard" Shakespeare - 1564... Take your pick!

And just for the hell of it:

I've thrown away my toys
Even my drum and train.
I wanna make some noise
With real live aeroplanes.

Some day I'm going to fly.
I'll be a pilot too.
And when I do, how would you
Like to be my crew...

On the good ship lollipop.
Its a sweet trip to a candy shop
Where bon-bons play
On the sunny beach of Peppermint Bay.

Lemonade stands everywhere.
Crackerjack bands fill the air.
And there you are
Happy landing on a chocolate bar.

See the sugar bowl do the tootsie roll
With the big bad devils food cake.
If you eat too much ooh ooh
You'll awake with a tummy ache.

On the good ship lollipop
Its a night trip into bed you hop
And dream away
On the good ship lollipop.


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