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24 April 2005

Oh What a Night!


ither I'm getting older or the "jitterbug" got faster. After a good night's sleep, I'm still exhausted. As you know the annual Father/Daughter Dance for the Girl Scouts was last night. I thought I was going with my two reserved daughters, but instead it was the Dynamic Duo. Where do they get this energy? Not from me I don't think.

I picked the girls up and we posed for a few pictures. I managed to put one here and maybe when I wake up a little more I'll add some of the others. Anyway we drove to Missouri City, just outside of Houston to the Missouri City Community Center. We may have goofed on the time a little since we were the only ones there for almost an hour. Around 7PM the other fathers and daughters began arriving. Screams of excitement coming from the girls began with each new arrival as if they hadn't seen each other in years. Once we checked in then we posed for our "official" dance photo. The backdrop was cute with records, musical notes, etc..

Then onto the dance. We grabbed a table fast right up at the dance floor. The disc jockey for the night was just starting to warm up. It didn't take long for the girls to get out on the dance floor and dance. It was quite funny to watch some of these girls and their dance moves. Basically they're all starting to learn how to move correctly and it was a riot. At one point I couldn't see either Olivia the oldest or Nina. Then I spotted Olivia trying to do a hula-hoop. It took a few minutes for her to get the hang of it, but she caught on. She seemed so grown up however... a very proper young Texan girl. I was smiling as I watched her and then Nina caught my eye on the other end of the dance floor. Nina the 6 year old is a very ummmm firey young lady. She has so much energy that it exhausts even me watching her. However what caught my eye was another girl scout who was laying on the floor in her dress and holding onto Nina's ankle as Nina was sludging across the dance floor dragging this girl behind her. Ah yes, I was so proud.. it brought a tear to my eye. Laugh.

Then the big moment came. They started a fast dance and Olivia came over and asked me to dance. How could I say "no?" Even though I cannot fast dance to save my life, out on the floor we went... I showed Olivia a few new twirl steps and then watched her later in the evening dancing with another girl scout and trying to do the same thing. Around this time I scanned the group for Nina. Ah, there was my little Nina sitting on the floor next to a trash can with 3 other friends, all chatting... all oblivious to the dangling hamburger that was delicately perched above their heads on the rim of the trashcan.

The next event was the "Dad Gets His Fingernails Painted" Oh joy... laugh. Each girl took a hand and did my nails. I am now sitting here drinking coffee and looking at my sparkling yellow hand, and my sparkling red hand. After that it was back out on the dance floor and this time I danced with both Olivia and Nina. Then all of a sudden there was a 3rd girl and I told her to join in... So the 4 of us ended yup doing a Mexican Hat dance type thing to a suitable rock n roll song. Laugh.

Anyway, the night ended about 9:45PM... The 3 of us slowly walked to the car. Remember in another article when I said the girls didn't want a limo? Once in the car, Nina said: "Next year can we get a limo?" She said that as she started to drift off to sleep in the back seat. We definitely had a good time. It will take me a year to recuperate and get ready for the next dance.

Burning Questions and Random Thoughts

I can't think of one single question to ask this morning.

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Today's birthday... would you believe I didn't recognize a single person's name for today's birthday? laugh


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