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08 April 2005

Really Pissed!


irst of all.... Aaaarrrggghhh!!!! Yes, that's exactly how I feel! I finished writing my blog entry at 2:30AM and tried posting it. Did it work? No... I figured ok, I let it rest and in an hour all would be good... tried again... nope. Then the Pope's funeral service came on and I got caught up in that and decided I was going to write about the obelisk that is outside the Basilica, brought to Rome by Caligula in 37 A.D. and how the Vatican sits on the site of the original Caligula Circus, latered renamed Circus Gai et Neronis or Circus of Nero.

However, prior to writing that, I wrote a really funny report on pizza and my favorite pizza places in Philly. My sides were hurting as I re-read it to myself. Shame y'all will never read it. Blogger ate it all up. All you get this morning is a article bitching about Blogger, But you know, you come to expect things with Blogger... funny and interesting Blogs, plus as a bonus, you also get to bitch about Blogger itself.

But on the brightside, remember that this Sunday the Answerman will be here and answering your burdensome questions. Between today and tomorrow leave your questions for the Answerman in the comment section... no question is too simple and none too complex.


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