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13 April 2005

Running Late


orry about this guys, but I woke up late this morning... about 4:30AM and I still have to shave, shower, get dressed and be down at the VA Hospital for testing for God's knows what now. It says Ortho Spine Rector, Outpatient Routine. I tried looking it up on the internet and couldn't find anything that would clear it up... so y'all will have to talk amongst yourselves until I get back... and I'll give ya all the gory details. I guess I should wear clean underwear this morning, huh? Actually, I guess I should wear underwear and not go commando. LOL

Medical Update

I'm back safe and sound. The first thing they did was x-rays of my lower back. Apparently they noticed a slightly slipping disk and they wanted to see if it slipped any more. Which apparently it did... so now they are scheduling an MRI to further look at it and determine the next step. Either operate or give me cortizone shots. I'm really not that keen on anything involving a needle in my spine. I already had one back operation and I don't like people playing around back there. The Ortho thing was simply the doctor explaining my options. So we'll wait for the MRI and decide.

The other thing I saw... I remember mentioning this last year when I was in a different part of the hospital but it really is worth mentioning again. Up high and behind the nurses desk there is a very large banner:

We're #1 in the nation for substantially lower than expected mortality rate
in patients undergoing surgical procedures

Now go back and read it again and think about that. Does this mean they have less people die on their operating table than any other VA in the country??

Burning Questions and Random Thoughts

How would you feel going to your hospital and seeing a sign that said:

Oooopppss! We came in last this year in operation mortality
Have you ever heard of such a thing?

Today's Birthday

Today's birthday gal is Catherine de Medici, Queen of Spain and daughter of Henry II, born in 1519.


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