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14 April 2005

Stand Off at the Not So OK Corral


es, that's exactly what it has felt like, over and over at my house... it was the OK corral all over again. As you can see, little Easter has some new "bling" to wear. I had to take her to the Vet for some kind of scheduled "shot" and to have her stiches checked out from her neutering or whatever it's called. However, during the healing, Easter has been licking and chewing at her incision. So the Vet put this on her to prevent her from getting her teeth around to the spot. It was supposed to stay on for a week. It lasted 1 day. When we got home I took it off because she was literally walking into the walls... a real live zombie. It was funny as hell actually, but I could feel her pain. LOL... I mean, I think if it stayed on for a week, and when I took it off... she would be 7 months old and dragging her head around behind her.

Additionally, I told the Vet that I simply could not hold her down to put her eardrops in for the ear mites. She would shake it out as soon as it went in. I usually ended up with ear medicine all over me. She gave me mouth drops to let her take the medicine orally. Have you ever tried to hold down an unwilling cat to inject medicine into her mouth? Trust me, not a pretty site and can get very gory.

But the big battle was yet to come. The Vet gave me a pill and she said in two weeks I just put the pill into Easter's mouth and the tape worm is taken care of... simple? No? Well, Easter's 2 weeks were up yesterday. It was not a pretty sight. There was just no way in hell Easter was letting me put this in her mouth. I even tried mixing it with her food. She ate around it. I'd force it into her mouth and she would spit it out at me. The Vet said to place it all the way into the back of her mouth. I soon found out that you don't put your fingers into a cat's mouth... they tend to bite you. I even tried the old "airplane" trick I used with my kids when they were little. You know "here comes the plane" and then make the airplane sound and the pill would make a landing in her mouth. I've got 2 bandaids on 2 fingers now as a reminder of that little game.

However, I will win in the end. Today she goes back to the Vet so she can check her incision... the Vet also told me if Easter wouldn't take the pill to bring it back and she would do it. The doc is getting this slobbered on and broken pill back today. I actually want to go into the back room and watch the Vet do it. I bet they put the cat in some kind of contraption that holds her down to do it. I think Easter and I have come to an understanding... no more pills... no more finger biting.... you stay on your side of the room and I'll stay on my side. LOL Now don't be feeling sorry for her... she's a vicious, prowling, rabid, little finger eater! lol

Burning Questions and Random Thoughts

Does anyone have any suggestion on how to do these things? Have you ever had to give your pet a pill? Parakeets don't bite, do they?

Today's Birthday

Today's birthday gal is Sarah Michelle Gellar actress (Kendall-All My Children, Buffy), born in 1977.

The 100 Things Countdown Continues

Continuing with my list:

30. I'd rather give a dog a pill, they'll eat anything.

29. I have been going to bed lately wondering if I can get rabies from a kitten.

If you really want to see my uptodate 100 Things.


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