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29 April 2005



hank God It's Friday! I thought today would be a good time to rehash some of the weeks' lesser interesting news... just in case you were too busy having a life, unlike myself.

Need a slightly used car?
A Volkswagen Golf that its owner says was previously owned by former Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger is on the online auction site eBay.

The current bid on the gray, five-door 1999 Golf is more than $1 million, not bad for a car that owner Benjamin Halbe, 21 years old, paid $13,000 for in January. There have been more than 200 bids on the vehicle so far on eBay's German site.

"I had no idea", Halbe, who is from Germany's Sauerland region, told Deutsche Welle radio. The car dealer had told him the car had been passed on with an ecclesiastical blessing. It was only after he read his new car's service history, did Halbe realize who the previous owner was -- the current Pope Benedict XVI.

The Web site shows pictures of the car and its interior, and also bears documentation with the words Josef Kardinal Ratzinger. The pope does not have a driver's license but it believed he was driven around in the vehicle before 1999. The auction, which began Monday, ends May 5.

No More Bathing Allowed
Houston's libraries are armed with a new set of rules that bans offending body odor, bathing, sleeping and shaving in the facilities. Some consider the city council regulations a veiled attempt to keep homeless people out of the libraries, KPRC-TV said Thursday. No kidding? Really? After a long, hard day of reading even homeless people need a place to freshen up a bit...

The rules, passed by the council on Wednesday, went into effect immediately. Librarians have the authority to remove offending patrons.

Houston Public Library spokeswoman Sandra Fernandez said the library wants to reflect changes in society by updating its rules for customers. The goal is to maintain a safe and comfortable environment for those who visit the library, she said.

Burning Questions and Random Thoughts

Any plans for the weekend? Will you bid on the Pope's VW? Did you guess my mind is empty this morning?

Today's Birthday

Today's birthday Alexander II Romanov, Tsar of Russia. Born in 1818. Such a sad, sad story.


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