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19 April 2005

To Limo, Not To Limo


hat is the question. This coming Saturday is a Girl Scout dance. My two daughters are both in the Scouts and I am taking them. It's a Father/Daughter dance. Last year I only took my then 8 year old since the 6 year old wasn't involved in the dance. So I thought I'd make it really special and hire a stretch limo to take us and pick us up. I thought she would love it and be all excited. The limo arrived and picked me up and off we went to pick up my daughter.

She came out and looked beautiful... The chauffer opened the limo door for us and we got in. I asked her if she liked the limo and she very lowly said, "yeah" and that was it. At the end of the night, the limo was waiting for us. It also was creating quite a stir. Naturally, everyone was wondering who the limo was for... out we come and go straight for the car. Once inside a lady came up to the window and knocked on it. I rolled the window down and the woman said, "I just wanted to see who the father was that thought enough to make this night really special for his daughter." I was beaming and thanked her.

Fast forward to a few days ago. My daughter calls and asks if I'll go again this year. Of course I said yes. My youngest daughter was also eligible to go as well. The shock came when both of them said "no limo"... Later in talking to my ex-wife she said that last year my daughter said she was embaressed with the stretch limo. I was dumbfounded. The dance is not being held where it was last year. This year it's in Missouri City which is a few miles outside of Houston and I'm not familiar with the route... I mentioned a limo to my ex-wife and that's when I found out about last year. I thought ok, I won't get a stretch limo but just a regular one... a sedan. I started making calls. The first one was to the company that I use when I go to the airport. Booked, everyplace I called was booked... it's also Prom season. I finally found a place but fell out of my chair when he told me for 5 hours, it would be $1,000. I didn't need it for 5 hours I said. However they look at it for the whole night, even though the limo goes away and I am sure if there's an airport run or something, they do it and make double the money.

Anyway today I am going to drive to the place just to see where it is... I looked at the map and it looks fairly easy... So no limo... just me, my daughters and the Bonneville. We'll see....

Burning Questions and Random Thoughts

Have you ever had this problem with any of your kids? When was the last time you rode in a limo? How did you feel? Cool or embaressed?

Today's Birthday

Today's birthday boy is Eliot Ness, one of the "Untouchables." He was a Prohibition Agent for Department of Treasury in Chicago, and brought down ganster Al Capone. Ness was born in 1903.


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