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05 April 2005

What happens after you die?


fter the events of the past few days and hearing how John Paul II is now in Heaven I began thinking... what really does happen when we die? Not that I can do anything about it but my greatest fear is that there is nothing. Nothing and your body becomes one giant feast for worms. Was hell a place that Abraham or Moses or somebody way back in Biblical times made up in order to control the followers? "Ezra, you keep fooling around with your brother's wife and you're headed to hell!" shouted Moses...

I guess if we believe in hell, then we have to believe in heaven... I've read different theories on heaven. One from people who have died and came back in a medical situation claim it's beautiful and peaceful... and you retain your brain and memories, etc. The other thought is that you become an electrical charge... that would suck. Becoming an electrical charge with no memory, no sense of being... just a small part of a huge electrical storm on earth. What the hell good would that be? All of this living good on earth just to become a lightening bolt?

Looking back over my life I figured I know where I am headed and there ain't no air conditioning there. I wanna be a boss down there... cracking a whip... but also since I am a boss, I want some slack in the personal torture department. I want to give my full attention to torturing people and not be held back by little devils sticking me with pitchforks in the head.

Burning Questions and Random Thoughts

So what do you believe? Heaven and Hell? Nothing? Should I save a spot for you? Do cats and dogs go to heaven? Is coveting your cute, blonde neighbor from across the patio a "hellable" offense? If it is... I am so going down there! lol

Today's Birthday

Today's birthday boy is Spencer Tracy born in 1900 in Milwaukee WI, Hollywood actor.

The 100 Things Countdown Continues

Continuing with my list:

38. I've read Dante's Inferno twice. Once to read it and a second time to try and understand it.

37. I believe in ghosts.

If you really want to see my uptodate 100 Things.


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