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21 April 2005

What a %$&#@@ Idiot!


his morning I saw a news article that simply stumps me. Normally, I try not to write about serious things on here. Life is full of seriousness and you don't need to be hit with it again when you come here. So in view of that I'm sorry, however I have to say something.

Yesterday a mother here in Houston stopped by a well-known shoe store. She left the car running, door unlocked, and her 6 year old daughter in the back seat. All this while the mother went into the shoe store to shop! While the mother was inside, a car thief opened the car door, jumped in and stole the car... with the 6 year old girl in the car.

Just a few questions ma'am... You simple-minded %$&#@@ idiot.... why would you leave your 6 year old daughter in an unlocked car with the motor running????

Somehow the little girl jumped out of the car. A woman in a car behind the stolen vehicle stopped and picked up the girl. Right there I shutter to think of the possibilities. The little girl shaken up remembered her mother's cell phone number and the woman called. The poor girl has more brains than her mother, obviously. The driver got away.

I honestly believe a law should be inacted to fine anyone who would leave a child unattended in a running car... period... Not one of the $100 types of fine... I'm talking minimum of $5000 at least. No excuses, nothing... bang, you're guilty.

Burning Questions and Random Thoughts

Is there a suitable punishment for parents or baby-sitters that do this? In addition to the thief, should the parent or whoever be punished as well?

Today's Birthday

Today's birthday gal is Alexandra Mary Windsor. Perhaps better known as Queen Elizabeth II, Queen of England (1952- Present) She was born in 1926.


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