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28 May 2005

Announcing the 2005 Telethon For...


logophobia (noun or descriptive adjective) 1. I You can't think of a thing to write today. 2. Fear of writing a blog entry 3. A mild form of Blogitis....

Yes people, it's time that I stood up for the more unfortunate bloggers of the world. Too meek to admit it, they suffer from a recent disease that has descended upon us... it knows no race or continent... no boundaries. It hits when you least expect it. One day you're fine and full of things to write about and then suddenly, without warning... BAM! It hits you square in the middle of the forehead. How traumatic... How do you know if you are beginning to develop symptoms of Blogophobia? You sit down at your computer and stare at the screen... no words are forming in your brain and you begin to break out in a sweat. You feel a sense of panic taking over.

It's not beneath you to even make up diseases to champion. You begin to look at friends Blog in order to steal get ideas. Then you spread out and begin surfing Blogs, friend and strangers alike looking for anything that might pass as a decent blog script. You'll even resort to putting in an extra blank line here and there to make it look like you have a lot to say.

Finally, in desparation you simply come face to face with the truth and admit to the world that you have nothing to write about.

As you may have noticed, I very rarely have this crippling disease. I always have something to say... That is why I am bringing to the world the plight this dire cause.

Furthermore this is why I, Denny Shane, self-appointed myself to be the champion of this cause. I need you to please donate, and I mean really donate very heavily to this aggregious and unfortunate illness. I even selected appropriate music for today. Doesn't it just scream, Send Money? Please send your donations to me in care of this Blog. I will post the names of all contributors.

Burning Questions and Comments

Any comments? Anything at all? Even if you have nothing to say... make up something!!

Today's Birthday

Nothing... not one birthday did anything for me today, not even Deaths... nothing in History and there are no holidays in the world.

PLEASE NOTE: Today, 28 May 2005 really, really SUCKS!

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