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31 May 2005

Aren't You A Little Curious?


ven just a little bit? You know you are... but how far would you go? Yesterday I was having a nice chat with someone that comes here. I mentioned that in many of the blogs there are pictures of the blogger but it is always hidden or skewed or like mine, very dark with just a light strip across my eyes. Then it occurred to me that I do not walk around with a light strip across my face in real life, why should I do it here? Do I really care what people think of me? Am I THAT vain? Well, the answer is yes.

And I'd hate to be walking around Houston one day and have someone come up to me and say, "Hey, so you're the pervert on that blog. I recognize you from your picture."

Well pardners... this is the NEW me! I am changing the way I do things around here.

I am grabbing the bull by the horns and here I am. I encourage you to do the same. I have an idea! Send me your picture and I will post it on my new "Wall of Honor" or some other suitable name. How's that sound? Do you have the guts? Now that you can see how pathetic I really look, if you stop coming here... I'll know and I will send you my picture everyday in your email until you come back! Laugh.

Burning Questions and Comments

OK, send those pics of yourself to me at Is this a good idea? would you do it? Ok gang. I started it off my photo is now on the right side of this blog under the heading "Not So Normal Portrait Gallery."

Today's Birthday

No birthdays or death dates that caught my eye. But this certainly did: In 1859 the Philadelphia A's organize to play "town ball" which turned into baseball 20 years later in 1879.

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