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18 May 2005

A Blank...


t's happening again gang. I've been sitting here for 2 hours trying to figure out what to write about today. I even looked in the bottom of the barrel and nothing is even sloshing around down there. I did see something interesting entitled "Why Toenails Turn Yellow" but couldn't find anything humorous in that title... God knows yellow toenails are not attractive and so unfortunate an affliction for the owner of said toenails.

Now while kinda, sorta researching this subject I came across two reasons for yellow toenails. The first is a fungal infection and the second is toe trauma. Now don't laugh... toe trauma is serious. Toe trauma is caused by too tight of shoes or strenuous exercise. Did you know that? Don't lie, you didn't.

Now for women that have yellow toe trauma: the coverup is easy... apply a base coat to prevent further discoloration, then paint on a dark, vampy polish to conceal your damaged dogs. A good choice might be L'Oreal Shock Proof Extreme Wear Nail Color in Plum Mystique, $4.95. Sorry guys... no suggestions, nothing for you. Incidentally, after researching this extensively I discovered that it takes at least nine months for a toenail to grow out, regardless of what ails it, it'll be that long before your feet are ready for display.

Now where else on someone's blog can you go and read about important medical problems and corrections? Well, that's it for today. I really hope that tomorrow I can think of something to write about.

Burning Questions and Random Thoughts

Have you ever had toenail problems? Don't be embaressed... we're all friends here. We won't laugh... well, not to your face anyway.

Happy Birthday To You

Today's Birthday wish goes out to Perry Como, singer, born in 1912, Canonsburg, Penna.

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