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12 May 2005

The Bottom of the Barrell...


es, once more I have dove down, head first, into the bottom of the proverbial blog barrell and came up with another excellent posting. Back in the early days of capital punishment in this country you usually were either hung or shot... end of story. Prior to the invention of the electric chair, you were hung. But a colleague of Thomas A. Edison, answering the call from prison wardens that they wanted something more humain than hanging, he invented the electric chair.

Imagine that, the electric chair was more humane than hanging... hmmm.. ok, if they say so. So therefore you were "getting the chair" or "you're gonna fry" The electric chair was pretty popular and the less humane way of executing people, by hanging, slowly became a thing of the past. While doing minimal research for this article, I was shocked to find out there are some states that actually give the condemmed person their choice: hanging or firing squad... unbelievable, huh? Laugh.

The along came the gas chamber... "you're getting gassed". Lately we have adopted lethal injection... and this is the whole thrust of this blog entry. If someone is going to die by lethal injection, then where are they going? Remember, "you're getting the chair", or "you're getting gassed." What do they say to someone that is going to be executed by lethal injection? "you're gettin' the needle pal"? That doesn't sound too scarey. Or "yeah pal, you're gettin' stuck tonight"? We need a phrase that gets the point across in a scarey way... I think we need something to say that is also a deterrent, more than "yeah pal, you're going to the little room, where you lie down and they'll inject you and then you go to sleep" Really, does that sound scarey?

Burning Questions and Random Thoughts

Can you think of anything for a new phrase? It's hard... Are you for or against the death penalty? and why?

Today's Birthday

Today's birthday girl is Katharine Hepburn, born 1907 in Hartford CT, actress. In addition to all of the great parts she played... she also starred in such favorites as African Queen, Adam's Rib, and On Golden Pond.


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