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05 May 2005

Feliz Cinco de Mayo!


oday is Cinco de Mayo and for you non-Texans who are wondering what Cinco de Mayo is... it's Spanish for the 5th of May and is a big deal here in Texas. And why you might ask is Cinco de Mayo so special? Well, it's the Mexican celebration of their winning battle over the French in 1862 at The Battle Of Puebla and not Mexican Independence day as so many people mistakenly think. And why exactly am I writing about this? Well back in February I noticed 2 visitors to my blog from Mexico. And being the accomodating person that I am, I wanted to make them feel at home today assuming they didn't come here by accident and are still visiting me. I know, you're thinking I've really gone over the edge now, huh?

I was thinking that since there are visitors from different parts of the world that come here, I would try and be cognizant of any particular holiday that they might be celebrating. For example, in Canada, England, Australia, and New Zealand they celebrate Boxing Day on 26 December. So on that day I'll talk about that holiday and how it has absolutely nothing to do with Boxing. But I'll wait until the proper day to discuss that. So, in the comments section, leave your special holiday... I'll put it on my calendar and if I remember to look at it, I'll write a llittle something about it. Comprende?

Many major cities in Texas come alive with Mexican festivals, music, fun, and food. Personally Mexican food ranks right up there with Italian food. I really enjoy it. When I lived in Philly, there was one Mexican restaurant that I loved going to visit... no, not Taco Bell. Then when I moved to Texas... geez, the place is over-run with restaurants. One of the most celebratory (is that a word?) places in the state is San Antonio for Cinco de Mayo. It comes alive, expecially on the River Walk, and especially La Villita. La Villita is a small re-constructed Mexican town, a stones throw from the Alamo and the River Walk. Music and the aroma of food fill the air and compete against each other. It's a nice day and I'll celebrate maybe with a shot of Tequila later today! Vivas!

Burning Questions and Random Thoughts

I know there are people from all over the world that come here. What special holiday do you celebrate in your country? And yes, Americans can answer that question also. Picking Christmas is not allowed. I'm talking a holiday specific to your country or locale.

Today's Birthday

Today's birthday guy is Spencer Tracy. Born in 1900.
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