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06 May 2005

Friday Cleanup: Odds and Ends


riday is upon us... I decided today and maybe every Friday will be odds and ends day... unless I have something to really talk about. Since I don't have anything today, then it's clean-up day here at your favorite newspaper. And exactly what does this mean, you ask? As you read you'll catch on... I hope.

Remember yesterday when I talked about Holidays? Well, if you look over on the right side of the paper this morning, you'll see a little section entitled Today's Holidays. This is where I'll start putting the daily holiday somewhere in the world. We can all wish those people a happy day. For example: In Bulgaria it's Shepherd's and Herdesmen's Day. So happy holiday to all of our Shepherds and Herdemen out there! I guess Shepherdesses and Herdeswomen too.

Frankencat Update
I should put this down in the Burning Questions section, but why...WHY... does this cat find the perverted need to come into the bathroom as I am sitting there minding my own business... and park herself directly in front of me... and stare at me? and when I reached for the toilet paper, she lunges at the roll and tries to tear the paper and my fingers to shreds?

Free Weekend
The last two weekends I took my daughters to the Father/Daughter Dance, then it was my daughter's First Communion, etc. This weekend is free and I haven't a clue what to do with myself. If I knew where any of you lived, I could pop on over for dinner. I think it is going to be nice here for Saturday and Sunday... maybe something outdoorsie?

Burning Questions and Random Thoughts

Hey! Don't forget Mother's Day is this weekend. Look down the side bar and click on the mall. You can order flowers from 1-800-flowers at discount prices!! You'll be a hero to your mom or wife! and I'll make a few cents commission! Good idea huh?

Today's Birthday

Today's birthday boy is Sigmund Freud of Freiberg Moravia, cigar smoker, father of psycho-analysis. Born in 1856. Also today a birthday wish goes out to Tony Blair in the UK. Tony was born in 1953... and congrats on his victory.

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