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29 May 2005

Happy Nettle Day England!


nce again we come to the annual celebration of Nettle Day, also known as Oak Apple Day. This revered holiday is celebrated in England to commemerate the anniversary of the restoration of the monarchy in England in 1660.

In some parts of the country it is also known as Shick-Shack Day or Arbor Day. Try saying Shick-Shack Day 10 times really fast. Laugh. In 1660, Charles II declared 29th May a public holiday, Oak Apple Day. The popular holiday was abolished in 1859. Oh well so much for hardy partying and public drunkeness.

Traditional celebrations to commemorate the event often entailed the wearing of oak apples or leaves, in reference to the occasion after the Battle of Worcester in 1651 when the future Charles II of England escaped the Roundhead army by hiding in a Boscobel oak tree (known in some parts of the country as a shick-shack).

It is widely believed that these ceremonies, which have now largely died out, are continuations of pre-Christian nature worship. Events still take place at Castleton in Derbyshire, Upton-upon-Severn, Northampton, the Grovely Forest near Salisbury, Aston on Clun in Shropshire, and Great Wishford in Oxfordshire.

Now my 6th great grandfather, William Edmunds came from Coleford, Gloucestershire, England in 1708. Coleford is in the Forest of Dean somewhere I believe. I'm not sure if he celebrated Nettle Day. I knew he liked apples though.

Burning Questions and Comments

How will you be celebrating Nettle Day? How will you celebrate Oak Apple Day? I think you should eat an apple today to commemorate this historic event!

Today's Birthday

In 1903 Bob Hope [Leslie Townes] was born in Kent England... entertainer/comedian

Special Commentary

I've never heard of this song playing and I have never heard of the group. If I had an apple right now I would shove it down her throat and put her out of misery.

Humble Apologies Department

I humbly apologize to Rhode Island celebrating, the raucus, partying Ratification Day. And to Wisconsin celebrating the equally boisterous Admission Day. I couldn't think of anything to write. But hey, send pictures of your celebrations and I will surely try and post them. The more raucus and dirty pictures the better.

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