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10 May 2005

It Takes Two to Lie...


ne to lie and another to listen. Can you guess whose birthday it is today? Is there anyone on earth that has not seen the Simpsons? People fall into three categories... those that love the Simpsons, the other small part of the world that doesn't like the Simpsons and the natives of Papua, New Guinea who don't watch TV. Yes folks, today is Homer's birthday.

It was actually a tough decision as to whom to memorialize here today... my choices were Homer Simpson, John Wilkes Booth or Fats Domino. Decisions, Decisions...

Well, two out of three isn't bad. I can remember when the Simpson's first came on TV. I hated them... couldn't stand them... but they started to grow on me. I use to sit there and think: "this show is so stupid" as I laughed my ass off. Now, believe it or not, the Simpsons is the longest running animated series in the history of television.

The very first Simpsons was shown on the Tracy Ulman Show in 1987. The title was "Good Night" and it ran for 1 minute 45 seconds.

I also need to get off this little kick of writing about the birthday people... I need to write honest to goodness, real blog entries. I'll do better tomorrow... promise.

Burning Questions and Random Thoughts

Do you like the Simpson's? Why? Or do you hate them? Do you have a favorite Fats Domino song?

Today's Birthday

Today's birthday boys are Homer Simpson, born 1955 and Fats Domino, born in 1929... and that other guy... the assassin.


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