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15 May 2005

Ladies... Bare Your Neck Please...


ith envy I watched as the moonlight embraced her entire body. She pulled back her flaxen, blonde hair to reveal a slender neck, I could feel my pulse quicken. Her lightly scented perfume engulfed my senses. I could feel my lips enclose around that part which beats with a rhythym, ever so softly.

Ok, ok... you're sitting there thinking, "hmmmm, where is Denny going with this?" Well, sorry, but that's as far as I am headed. In the birthday section yesterday I noted it was the anniversary of the death of Princess Caradja-Kretzulesco, a descendant of the real Dracula. An email I received yesterday is what prompts me for this blog today.

"Yes, Virginia, there is a real Dracula" and he's in my family tree. Granted a distant cousin but he's in there hanging around from a branch... one of the fruity branches so to speak. Born in 1431 was the son of Vlad II or Drac the Dragon... now how's this for a schoolyard showdown: "My dad is Drac the Dragon and he can beat up your dad." Anyway, Vlad II had 2 sons Vlad IV the Monk and the infamous Dracula... which means Little Drac. The end of his name, ula, means "little".

Now Dracula was a little weird... granted he did have his enemies spiked and hung up along the paths to his castle... Now come on folks, tell the truth and shame the devil... who among us hasn't wish we could do that to some people?... granted he did have his dinner out there on the roads that led to his castle with all of his spiked enemies... but come on folks... he didn't bite their necks and drink their blood. Ok, Ok... he may have had his servants drain their blood and THEN he drank it... but again he was not barbaric and he drank the blood from a nice goblet... and did not suck the blood from their necks. Geez folks, he had a little more class than that.

So anyway Virginia... I hope I have answered your question. I also hope you sleep well tonight knowing their are decendants of Dracula still wandering the earth. I forgot to ask you... are you in Texas per chance?

Burning Questions and Random Thoughts

So, were you aware that there was a real Dracula? They give tours of his still standing castle... would you go?

Today's Birthday

And Happy Birthday wishes go out to another distant cousin, Lyman Frank Baum from Chittenango NY, ... this date 1856. Author of the Wizard of Oz.

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