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30 May 2005

My Assignment For Today Is!


emorial Day and what it means to me in 100 words or less. When I was in grade school it meant "Yippee! a holiday, no school!" Then I got older and was working... then it meant "Yippee! a holiday and the store is closed... Here I come beach!"

Then all it took was four years in the Navy to change my perspective. Memorial Day became both a sad day and a happy day.

When I was younger it meant the men and women in World War II and Korea. It starting striking very close to home with Viet Nam. And geez, now it seems like the whole world.

When, when, when will the madness end? In my lifetime? I wish. But it won't, unfortunately. Today we always see on TV or the newspapers the horror, the bombs, the dead... why can't the TV news start their broadcast with something positive. "New School Built In Iraq... film at 6"

That's it for today... I have nothing else to say. I find it hard to be humorous on a day like this. "May God have mercy on your souls" to the honorable that have died in combat. And to the veteran's who have survived: "Thank You." And a special thank you to our friends in Great Britain... for sticking with us, right or wrong. Please accept my sincerest apologies for the Revolutionary War. lol

Geez, my blood still runs cold and tingly when I hear Kate Smith hit those high notes.

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