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26 May 2005

OK, I've Been Tagged


any thanks go out to Adrienne for tagging me. Even though I have listed many items in my 100 list that I have never done or ever want to do... I've tried to come up with 10 more items. So here we go....

10. I have never been to Michigan.
9. I have never petted an octipuss.
8. I have never canoed on the Amazon.
7. I have never been to China.
6. I have never performed brain surgery.
5. I have never been told I SHOULD have brain surgery.
4. I have never had an erotic dream about anyone I've seen on my blog.
3. I have never shook hands with Queen Elizabeth.
2. I have never gone topless on the Italian Riviera.
1. I have never lied a few times writing this list. lol

Once again, thank you to Amanda for making me use my brain at 5 AM this morning. Now I have to pass it on to 3 people huh? Ok, my 3 people are:
Lois Lane

Now I know someone in that little group has already done this, but hey... I HAD to pick three people.

Burning Questions and Comments

Do you get tired of these lists? Do you really find them useful? Would you be stupid enough to answer this question: Would you like to do some lists?

Today's Birthday

In 1886 Al Jolson [Asa Yoelson] was born. He played in the Jazz Singer and was also a silent film actor.The song you hear him singing, Hatikvah, is extremely rare and is the national anthem of Israel and translated: "The Hope"

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