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11 May 2005

Thirty Minutes Ago......


ulia Roberts, the non-pregnant one... and I were lounging on a white beach having margaritas... The sun shining, waves crashing... Julia turned to me and started to tell me I was the sexiest man she had ever known... then I was brutally awoken. Instead of my Julia running her fingers through my hair... I felt someone licking my little bald spot... and then munching on my hair. What the hell kind of mightmare was this?...

Once the dream stopped and reality set in... there I was laying on my stomach as I normally sleep... Easter aka Frankencat aka The Grey Monster From Behind the Sofa, was lounging on MY back and licking my bald spot, and then to add insult to injury she began EATING my hair... the little bit left on my head. The conversation went as follows:

ME: What the hell are you doing?

ME: Is there something mentally wrong with you?
Easter: meow

ME: Do you know it's only 2AM?
Easter: meow, lick, meow, munch, lick, meow

I dragged myself out of my bed... went to the kitchen and it became clear to me. Her food bowl was empty. God forbid it's empty for more than an hour. If she missed a meal, she would be doing posters for animal cruelity. Normally, I wouldn't mind, but I filled her bowl before I went to bed. Special note to Easter: If you are reading this blog today, pay close attention to the words in the music...

I had full intentions to write about the electric chair today... now that will have to wait.

Burning Questions and Random Thoughts

Is this normal? What the hell is wrong with her? I think she fits very well into this "Not So Normal Group."

Today's Birthday

And speaking of Not Normal... Today's birthday boys are Chang & Eng Bunker Chinese Siamese twins, connected at their waist. Born in 1811. Hapy Birthday - Happy Birthday.


Over on the holidays for today you may have notice Lemuria. I admit I did not know about this holiday. I looked it up and:
The last surviving LEMURS exist on Madagascar. This is why the ancient land tying India and Australia together, that sank incrementally over time, is referred to as LEMURIA.

Myriads of ancient writings from the South Seas, and the ancient Tamil writings on palm tree bark still exist protected underground in the Vatican archives, having been pillaged from various cultures and transported to Rome by order of various popes.

The Tamil bark writings in Southern India tell of the gigantic Southern part of India which used to connect to Australia cataclysmically sinking incrementally over a long period of time. This was ancient Lemuria.


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