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14 May 2005



ell folks, yesterday, Friday the 13th lived up to its' reputation. It started out as any other day. I woke up to the usual face licking by Easter... got her food, sat down to drink my coffee. Everything pretty normal... until I opened my front door.

(Insert theme from Jaws here)

There was a letter taped to the door knob. I thought to myself that this was odd and that only the apartment complex where I live does this. I opened it up and read that because it has been discovered that I had 2 unregistered cats in my apartment, I needed to come by the office. And... to put down a $500.00 non-refundable fee. I was stunned.

So over to the office I walked... getting more pissed with each footstep. I went in, and both leasing agents were present. They smiled... I didn't. I pulled the letter out and asked who wrote it... one of the agents raised her hand. I asked where she got her information that I had 2 cats? She said the other day she walked past my apartment and saw a cat in my one dining room window. She said when she got to my other set of windows in the living room she saw another cat in the window. I told her it was the same cat! It just runs faster than her pudgy little legs could walk. I pulled out my key and said to go ahead over and I would give her $1,000.00 per cat over 1 cat that she found. She backed down.

We got to the meat of the letter. I asked if I had a 100 lb. dog... what would the charge be... and she said the same amount. I couldn't understand how they could charge the same fee for a dog versus a cat. A cat, cleans itself and goes in a litter box. A dog sheds hair all over the place and if you don't walk it... it has no problem going in a corner somewhere, plus they slobber everywhere. "Cats have an odor" I was told. My mouth dropped completely open. I was in a no win situation.

I couldn't justify nor afford to throw $500.00 out the window to these people. I hated myself and still do... Being on Social Security Disability, I couldn't afford to throw away $500.00.

To make a long story short... Easter has a new home... she woke up this morning to new owners. But in all honesty I was beginning to doubt myself if I was a cat person in the first place. All my life it's been dogs. I was use to a dog's goofing around, and not a cat's finicky personalities. Her stay here may have been short anyway, I don't know... and it doesn't make any difference now anyway.

When my lease was up not long ago I debated with myself about staying here. I decided to stay... the property was nice, I liked the amenities, etc. I'll be a bit more critical when my present lease is up... right now I have a bad taste in my mouth.

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What would you have done?

Today's Birthday

Ok, I had a moment of confusion and whatever... today's birthday gal is Heloise born in 1919. However it is also the day two of my favorites died as well: Frank Sinatra in 1998 and in 1997 Princess Caradja-Kretzulesco descendant of the real Dracula, who died at 76. So there, see my problem? lol

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