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30 June 2005

I Really Hate The...


ciFi channel. I am so tired of it showing movies like Tremors I and II over and over. I think it's the 5th time this month it was on in prime time. They claim it's so viewers that missed it the first 50 times get a chance to see it. How many times do you really want to see Boa vs Cobra? The movie sucks in the first place..

Plus, another thing that aggrevates me is that the SciFi channel edits their movies. Come on guys a little nipple here and there never hurt anyone.

Personally, I think they might do a little better if they ran some of the real classics like the original Frankenstein, or Bela Lugosi as Dracula... how many remember the Creature From The Black Lagoon, The Original Blob (that was so bad it was good. How about Lon Chaney, Jr. as The Wolfman. James Arness as The Thing had me on the edge of my seat. Even The War of the Worlds, as cheesy as it was had me imagining space aliens all over the place. I was convinced they were going to land their crappy flying saucers on Independence Mall along side the Liberty Bell and take down Philadelphia with one swoop of that ray gun thing.

Observations and Questions
Do you have any favorite horror movies or stories? And no, this does not mean mother-in-law stories!

Postcard of the Day

Today's Postcard is from Fizzy and all the way from Great Britain. It show Yorkshire seasons and displays Wharfedale in winter, Homeward Bound, Hawes in springtime and the Castle and River Swale at Richmond. Thanks Fizzy, a really nice card!

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29 June 2005

Today is 29 June...


ep, here we are 29 June 2005 already. All day it will be the 29th day of June in the year of Our Lord 2005. Wow! Did you see that? A tumbleweed just blew across the page!.

If you look at the graphic you will see a rough x-ray of what my brain looks like this morning.

I know! If you would like to be featured as an article on The Not So Normal News, send me an email with a short biography of your life. That could be interesting, but only if you also allow me to doctor up your biography. You know, in case it might be a tad boring. I could spice it up for you a little. For example: My good friend Bored in the Forest of Dean, Great Britain, average housewife and mother could be turned into: Bored in the Forest of Dean, Not Your Average Hot Mamma. Now which would you rather read?

We could turn a mild-mannered school teacher into a sexy teacher who specializes in instructing slaves and masters in the subtle techniques of S&M or B&D.

Observations and Questions
So do you think I've stumbled onto something here? Would you submit your biography to me which would be subject to changing around a little to make it more interesting? Can I see a show of hands please? Yes or No. And a little note as to why you want your bio changed. LOL

Postcard of the Day

Today's Postcard is from Adrienne. This really nice card depicts the Great Lakes Lighthouses. I love lighthouses. They are Left to Right: Marblehead, Lake Erie; White Shoal, Lake Michigan; Charlotte-Genesee, Lake Ontario; Marquette Harbor, Lake Superior; Cheboygan Light, Lake Huron; Holland Harbor, Lake Michigan. Thanks Adrienne... very nice card!

Today's Birthday

In 1858, George Washington Goethals... Who? He was the engineer who built the Panama Canal.

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28 June 2005

The Celebrity Among Us...


nce in awhile people come into our lives that enrich us, make us happy with their words, their singing and their whole attitude. We have a few people who visit us regularly on The Not So Normal News.

You probably recognize the names if you are a regular visitor to my blog, as they each contribute with their comments.

The first celebrity is Brighton. A young, humorous and smart former Stripper here in Houston. She is a rare breed... one who not only performs her best in the club, but also holds down her family. She's had her ups and downs as we all have, and I wish her all the success as she ventures into a new career which I think will be a success due to her nature!

Deni Bonet is next. She sings, she's funny, irreverant, and just about anything else you want to throw into the mix. I have 2 of her CD's and have played them quite a bit since receiving them. Heck, my 2 daughters and I were on a trip to the zoo and Deni's CD was playing in the car and the girls were in the backseat snapping their fingers. LOL

Our next visiting celebrity comes from Minneapolis, Marlee MacLoud I just got her "Like Hollywood" CD the other day and have been playing it just as much as Deni Bonet's CD. Great CD Marlee, I love it and have to order more.

Last but not least is a fun person, Kathryn Magendie an author from the mountains of western North Carolina. I'm in the process of reading all of her stories and she really needs to be discovered. She's an authoress whose time has come!

If these is anyone out there who I forgot, please let me know... If I skipped anyone you know it was not intentional.

Observations and Questions
Have you been to these blogs? Do you have any celebrities as friends?

Postcard of the Day

Today's Postcard comes from Dale. Cute card Dale and actually this little bugger looks like the guy that scampers in front of me every day while walking to my car.

Today's Birthday

In 1946 Gilda Radner, in Detroit, comedienne. A life cut down way, way before it should have.

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27 June 2005

100 Sheep, 99 Sheep, 98 Sheep...


ammit, can't you sheep all stay in a straight line? About 6 months ago my Doctor told me I wasn't sleeping enough. What? Everyone doesn't get by on 3 hours? Anyway she prescribed sleeping pills. She told me they were powerful... uh huh... Now instead of only getting 3 hours sleep, I vary...

One night it might be 6 hours, next night 3 hours, so on and so forth. So for 6 months that's how it's been. Since I've been taking these pills, I don't dream as much or don't remember them as I use to remember them. I also noticed since taking the pills that Julia Roberts has stopped coming for dinner and spending the night. Hmmm...

Last night I took all my medications at 8 PM. I fell asleep on the sofa watching the SciFi channel an hour later. I hate when I do that. So I woke up at 10PM, shut off the lights, and climbed into bed. I guess it was 11ish and I woke up again. Went to the bathroom and went back to bed. Next thing I knew it was 12:30AM... I didn't have to hit the bathroom again so I layed there and went back to sleep. Julia had decided to visit and mentioned we should change into something more comfortable. As she was changing BANG, my eyes were wide open and it was 2AM.

Ever have a really good dream and try and go back to sleep and pick up where you left off? It doesn't work. Julia left very frustrated. I threw the light blanket off and jumped out of bed... really pissed! I go back to the VA Hospital and see my Doctor at 10:30 this morning. I'm gonna tell her that this has to stop... and that Julia is really getting upset.

Observations and Questions
How do you sleep? Do you just give in and get up? Take sleeping pills? Does anyone wanna call me tonight and read me a bedtime story?

Postcard of the Day

Today's Postcard comes to me all the way from that faraway land known as Conroe, Texas. LOL. Beautiful Texas Sunflowers grace our postcard of the day and from MilkMaid.

Today's Birthday

In 1927, Bob Keeshan aka Capt Kangaroo also Clarabelle on original Howdy Doodey Show.

Gentle Reminder of the Day

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25 June 2005

Look! Up In The Sky...


t's a bird... It's a plane... It's Superman.... NO! It's the planet Mars!

The Red Planet is about to be spectacular! This month and next. I have to thank NowDanny for sending me a reminder about this sky show.

Earth is catching up with Mars in an encounter that will culminate in the closest
approach between the two planets in recorded history. The next time Mars may come this close is in 2287. Due to the way Jupiter's gravity tugs on Mars and perturbs its orbit, astronomers can only be certain that Mars has not come this close to Earth in the Last 5,000 years, but it may be as long as 60,000 years before it happens again.

The encounter will culminate on August 27th when Mars comes to within 34,649,589 miles of Earth and will be (next to the moon) the brightest object in the night sky. It will attain a magnitude of -2.9 and will appear 25.11 arc seconds wide. At a modest 75-power magnification. Mars will look as large as the full moon to the naked eye. Mars will be easy to spot. At the beginning of August it will rise in the east at 10p.m and reach its azimuth at about 3 a.m.

By the end of August when the two planets are closest, Mars will rise at nightfall and reach its highest point in the sky at 12:30a.m. That's pretty convenient to see something that no human being has seen in recorded history. So, mark your calendar at the beginning of August to see Mars grow progressively brighter and brighter throughout the month.

Share this with your children and grandchildren. NO ONE ALIVE TODAY WILL EVER SEE THIS AGAIN.

Observations and Questions

Just think no one alive has ever seen this and no one alive will be alive when it happens again. Are you going to look for it?

Today's Birthday

In 1903, the one, the only, Floyd "Babe" Herman aka Babe Ruth. Brooklyn Dodgers' slugger

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Does Anyone Really Care?


ell, thanks to rayray, I once again got sucked into doing one of these when I swore I wouldn't do another. I decided to do this on a Saturday for a reason... hardly no one reads my blog on a Saturday, so therefore no one will see my answers. LOL

three names I go by/have gone by
1. denny
2. dennis
3. hey you, the goofy guy in glasses

three screen names I use/have used
1. denny shane
2. bellaire
3. getster

three physical things I like about myself
(other than sexual, but please answer as you see fit)
1. my chin
2. my hands
3. my chest

three physical things I don't like about myself
1. my hair - wish there were a tiny bit more
2. my tiny belly - yeah, right lol
3. my toenails - ugh

three parts of my heritage
1. Irish
2. French
3. Lakota Sioux

three things that scare me
1. heights
2. good horror movies
3. a blind date

three everyday essentials
1. underarm deo.
2. hair combed
3. a shower

three favorite bands/musical artists
1. Luciano Pavarotti
2. Enigma
3. Elton John

three favorite songs
1. Nessun Dorma
2. The Rivers of Belief
3. Yellow Brick Road

three things I want in a relationship
1. Honesty
2. Spiciness
3. Companionship

three truths about me in no particular order
1. I've been doing my family history for a long, long time
2. I like nudist camps LOL
3. I can speed through a project or go as slow as molasses

three lies about me
1. I am cool, calm and collected
2. I am egotistical
3. I am a loner

three physical things about the opposite sex that appeal to me.
1. hair, on head
2. neck
3. proper use of perfume

three favorite hobbies
1. Family History
2. Stamp Collecting
3. Blogging

3 things I want to do really badly right now
1. I'd be thrown off Blogger if I answered. LOL
2. Be in the south of France
3. be in a relationship that lasts

three careers I've considered/or wished I had gone into
1. be a firetruck (when I was 4 years old)You didn't read wrong, I said TRUCK
2. archeologist
3. actor

three places I want to vacation
1. South of France
2. Rome, Italy
3. South Pacific

three things I wanna do before I die
1. live to see a great grand-child
2. find true love
3. climb Mt. Vesuvius again

three ways I'm stereotypically a boy
1. I like naked women (does that count?)
2. I like kissing women
3. I like being kissed by a woman

three celeb crushes
1. Annette Funicello
2. Penelope Cruz
3. Open slot here

Observations and Questions

What did you learn about me that you didn't know before? Now that you know all these things am I still as interesting and as sexy as I was before? lol Or talk about anything you want.

Today's Birthday

In 1945, Carly Simon, born in NYC, singer (Anticipation, You're So Vain).

Gentle Reminder of the Day

Come on gang... get your picture to me if you want it displayed for the world to see. We still have time gang, email me and I'll give you my home address... zip off a postcard and give me your address and I'll zip one off to you. It's been really interesting so far!

24 June 2005

It's Finally Here...


appy Bannokburn Day everyone!! No folks, ol' Denny hasn't finally gone over the deep edge. When I was doing the events of this day section, I noticed something called Bannockburn Day. My curiosity got the best of me and this is what I found:

There is a legend that in the days when he was a fugitive king harried from one hiding place to another, when all his friends and family seemed to be either dead or rotting in English gaols, the Bruce found himself completely alone and hiding in a cave somewhere in the west of Scotland. So many times he had raised armies only to see them destroyed or scattered and as he lay on the damp floor of the cave he must have been dispirited beyond imagination, the bitter taste of despair welling up in his throat and onto his tongue. It was then that he saw a spider. Foolish creature, it seemed intent on spinning its web across an impossibly wide space and as the Bruce watched the spider leapt and failed, again and again. Six times it jumped and six times it failed but on the seventh attempt it succeeded. The Bruce took heart from this example of arachnid perseverance and rose once more determined to see his quest for the throne fulfilled. The quest led him directly to the banks of the Bannock Burn and the battle that would decide his throne's, his country's, his family's and his own fate.

And let's not forget our friends in Peru: Dia del Indio

Before the colonial Spaniards banned the ceremonial events occurring each Winter Solstice in Cuzco, the native residents gathered to honor the Sun God, sacrifice an animal to ensure good crops and to pay homage to the Inca, as the first born Son of the Sun.

The ceremonies took place at the winter solstice, when the sun is farthest from the earth. Fearing the lack of sun and ensuing famine, the ancient Incas gathered in Cuzco to honor the Sun God and plead for his return. The celebrants fasted for days before the event, refrained from physical pleasures and presented gifts to the Inca, who in return put on a lavish banquet of meat, corn bread, chicha and coca tea as they prepared to sacrifice llamas to ensure good crops and fertile fields.

In 1572, Viceroy Toledo banned Inti Raymi celebrations as pagan and contrary to the Catholic faith. Following the edict, the ceremonies went underground.

Today, it's the second largest festival in South America. Hundreds of thousands of people converge on Cuzco from other parts of the nation, South America and the world for a week long celebration marking the beginning of a new year, the Inti Raymi, the Festival of the Sun.

Observations and Questions

I know we have some Scots that visit me here. How are you celebrating Bannokburn Day? Oh, come on now... you know you're celebrating, don't deny it.

Today's Birthday

In 1895, the Manassa Mauler, Jack Dempsey, heavyweight boxing champion (1919-26).

Gentle Reminder of the Day

Come on gang... get your picture to me if you want it displayed for the world to see. We still have time gang, email me and I'll give you my home address... zip off a postcard and give me your address and I'll zip one off to you. It's been really interesting so far!

23 June 2005

Ok, You Caught Me...


very so often my mind goes blank and I don't have a clue what to write about. I sat this morning in front of my computer for 2 hours trying to come up with something entertaining. I didn't. So I've done the next best thing. I dug out an old posting to reprint right here. I figured there must be hundreds of people out there that missed this great piece of blogging-at-its-Best...

My ship, would be departing Little Creek Amphibious Base in Virginia and head towards the Mediterranean Sea. This cruise was going to take 8 months, stopping and visiting places like Italy, France, Spain, Corsica, and Sicily and I was so looking forward to it. Just getting to our first port, Rota, Spain took almost 3 weeks... Three very long weeks aboard an LST, which was flat-bottomed and which made it rock back and forth, back and forth, back and forth... Ugh! I had a lot of friends aboard the ship but my closest buddy was Rich from Brooklyn. As time would reveal, he was just as goofy and nuts as I was.)...

Anyway one night, before we left the States, Rich and I decided to each pick out a school in the U.S. and write a letter. We both picked an all girls college... I forget where now. We sent our letters to the student body class president. We explained that we were two sailors heading to the "Med" and we would like to correspond with any girl that wanted to write to us. We both figured this was a good idea and we could have some fun with it. About a week went by and we finally got 3 letters, from 3 girls from 2 Catholic colleges. They were nice letters but kinda not what we had in mind. We considered the project a flop. Rich and I being the adventurous duo pondered, "How could we have improved this project to make it a success? what did we do wrong? maybe we needed something on a grander scale?" Little did we know what was in store for us...

It hit us like a ton of bricks. We sat down and typed out a letter... made copies and mailed those copies to EVERY all girls college in America! Every single one! I forget now how many, but trust me it was a lot... maybe a couple hundred... shrug.

So now we pull out of Little Creek for our "Med" vacation defending our country" cruise. Three weeks later we finally arrive in Rota, Spain. When you arrive in a port of call they always call for "working parties" to bring aboard the food, ship parts and the mail from home. Over the PA system we heard "Five man working party report to the main deck" No big deal, normal proceedure. Everyone on the ship is always excited when the mail arrives. Letters from home, boxes of goodies, lonely heart letters from girlfriend and wives... sometimes letters from both girlfriend and wife. Finally it came "Mail Call" Rich and I were sitting in the office coniving some idea I'm sure when our mail clerk came into the office. He looked at me, then Rich and said, "there's some mail for you guys at the post office... go get it." Rich and I looked at each other and shrugged our shoulders... Ok, no big deal. We go out and of the 5 big canvass mail bags, the entire ship received 1/2 a bag... the other 4 1/2 bags were for Rich and I. We were dumb-founded. Hundreds and hundreds of letters. There was cookies, candy, underwear...and a few self photos... Everyday in port it was pretty much the same thing... it just kept coming and coming... it never stopped. The mail wouldn't stop. I was having nightmares that Freddy Krueger was delivering my mail. We had mail falling out of our lockers, stuffed in laundry bags, bras, panties and letters under our mattresses.. if a space was empty there were piles of mail. We did they only thing that 2 sailors knew what to do and how to handle the situation... we started selling the letters to the guys onboard the ship. We tried dividing the letters into categories: virgins and non-virgins. Those were the days when the non-virgin pile was much bigger. Not a good selling point when trying to sell to sailors. We tried geographical... nope... guys wanted females close to home or base. Finally it just boiled down to content.

One dollar for a normal, boring letter... Two dollars for a letter with a picture and Five dollars for a letter with a REALLY ahem, good picture!

Business was great! At that time we also had about 150 Marines onboard the ship and word got to them about what was going on and they wanted in. Rich and I started to feel like pimps. Laugh. Some days were slower than others and we had our own 2 for 1 sales.

Throughout this ordeal we did have a goal. We tried to at least read the first paragraph of each letter after which it went into one of the piles or categories. There was a special pile that wasn't for sale. These were letters from extremely perspective "dates" and girls we became quite interested in and possibly even visiting.

At one point we kind of looked at each other and thought "this has got to end" We were too busy unloading and selling letters that we were ignoring our "hot letters" department... the ones we were hiding away for ourselves. I think towards the end we were having "handfulls of letters for $5" sales and many were virgin letters, never even opened.

We started to narrow down the special letters. We were going for geography... girls near Little Creek... ever see the maps on TV in detective shows with the circles? laugh. We had circles and X marks the spot deals.

Unbelievably we managed somehow to get the special pile down to one letter and she had a girlfriend also and she started writing as well. In a non-conceited way we thought that these two girls were the lucky winners. Plus both were from New York... very close for travel purposes and Rich's hometown.

The correspondence became mini-olympics as to which side could write the more interesting letters. One time we received a letter from these two written entirely on a roll of toilet paper. We responded with a letter typed on a typewriter using wax paper. Rich and I even taped an entire radio show that we told the girls we had onboard the ship. Of course there was no such radio show. Rich and I were awesome catches, even if we thought so ourselves. Laugh. The one thing about this is that we based our interest in these girls strictly on their written words and ingenuity.. we never saw pictures of them as they never sent any. We kept asking but they never sent any pictures.

Finally, an envelope arrives and Rich says it feels like photos. He rips open the envelope and goes right for the pictures. I'm looking at his face for reactions, any reaction at all. Nothing... his face was so solemn. He looked at me and said. "we've got a problem... a big ^$*@*&% problem." He handed me the pictures. The first thing I saw was a hand-written note on top of one picture and it said: "we love seafood" To be brutally honest, to this day I'm not really sure if they were females or 2 guys. Very stocky and a tad muscular, all in the wrong places. We felt dirty... we felt used... violated... We were stunned. I wondered if we had stashed away any other letters somewhere we could fall back on.

Naturally we never wrote back. But these two in N.Y. kept writing. We got tired of getting the letters from them. Rich and I agreed we had to take care of the situation. It was the only honorable thing to do... so we flipped for it. I won the toss and he was elected to write a letter back to them, telling them this was going nowhere.

About a week later Rich told me he took care of it. "Oh?", I said. He said, "yes... I told them you died in a car crash and I was too broken up to continue letter writing." Hey, good one Rich... that must have taken all of 3 seconds to think up... laugh. Instead of being astonished and horrified at what he had told them I simply said: "Good idea, think they'll buy it?"

Apparently they did... we never heard from them again. I was kinda upset that they didn't even care enough to send sympathy flowers. For about a week or so after that, we were both depressed... all of our efforts... up in smoke. About this time our ship was pulling into Naples, Italy. We went on liberty and met two Italian girls... REAL girls... but that's another story.

Every time Rich and I talk on the phone now we always go back to that time and start laughing, just like I've been laughing and shaking my head as I've been writing this article. Just too, too funny.

Observations and Questions
Come up with your own questions and answers...

Today's Birthday

In 1848, Antoine Joseph Sax. Wanna guess what he invented? The Saxophone. WOW, if I had invented it, we could have called it the Shaneophone.

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22 June 2005

You Are Getting Sleepy...


can see lots of money around you, all over the place, but none of it belongs to you." Well crap, isn't that just perfect. That's how my life regression session started out yesterday. Oh, did I forget to tell you? A friend of mine reads fortunes, tea leaves, tarot cards, some kind of little finger bones, broken sticks and other paraphanalia She has been after me for years (no, unfortunately not THAT way), to let her do a reading on me. Being the over-bearing, strong-willed, brain power vise-grip that I am. (I'm really not, but that what my divorce papers said) In a moment of weakness I succumbed to having all kinds of weird stuff done to me yesterday (and no, unfortunately not THAT way, again... sigh)...

We started off by lighting some incense to get us in the mood. The lights were dim and the curtains tightly shut. I truly would not be a bit suprised if Bela Lugosi walked in and sat down at the table and held our hands. I was kinda disappointed that there was no eerie music in the background. I kept all these comments to myself of course. I could feel myself awake yet going to sleep at the same time. Oh, I didn't tell you I was being hypnotized? LOL... It was a strange kinda feeling...

What I am about to tell you all is something that I have NEVER, ever told a living soul. When I was in Italy and specifically Pompeii, I had this eerie feeling that I had been there before but it, the city, was different. While the group wandered around aimlessly, I knew where things were without a map. I knew where the amphitheater was located, the infamous house of prostitution, even the bakery. Very strange and that feeling has returned everytime I talk about Pompeii or Vesuvius. This feeling was repeated when I would visit Rome as well.

I could hear "Magda" say "1" and I was wide awake. In front of her was a legal pad with a lot of writing on it. She started reading it from the beginning. Remember in the beginning where I was surrounded by all this money? I was a banker in a past life in the 1800's, in Virginia.

However the thrust of this story is what she eventually relayed to me. I was a Roman free citizen and born in 49 A.D. I just happened to be finishing up some vacation time on 14 August 79 A.D. Where? Funny you should ask... Pompeii. The very next day on the 15th my vacation spot was buried under lava. However, I left Pompeii and on my way back to Rome the day BEFORE Vesuvius errupted and Pompeii was destroyed. By the time I had gotten to Rome, everyone knew about Pompeii and Herculeum and Vesuvius. I was in complete shock. Now I think I understand my fascination with Pompeii and Rome. If you remember a few weeks ago when I started Travel Monday, I mentioned Naples and Vesuvius and Pompeii and said I would write about it this week. How eerie is this that in a way I did write about those places but never dreamed it would be in this context.

I was enthralled with Magda's story and wanted to know when we could do it again. Then she said she was in the process of moving to California. She wanted to do this for me as a going away present and I was her last in Texas. How nice. Now that she has me hooked, she's leaving me in a pile of burning lava so to speak.

Observations and Questions
Have you ever been to a fortune teller? Learn anything good?

Postcard of the Day

Today's Postcard is from blue2go. The Port of Entry is the setting for this scene from Duluth, Minnesota. An anchored vessel awaits entry into the Duluth Harbor. The ship will enter through the Duluth Ship Canal which was dug in 1871. Thanks blue2go... very beautiful card.

Today's Birthday

In 1858, Giacomo Puccini Italy, operatic composer (Nessun Dorma, etc.).

Gentle Reminder of the Day

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We still have time gang, email me and I'll give you my home address... zip off a postcard and give me your address and I'll zip one off to you. It's been really interesting so far!
21 June 2005

My Adventures at the Zoo, Part Deux...


nyway, here we are practically swimming in our own sweat around the zoo... AND it was only 10AM!!!! I don't even want to imagine the zoo by 3 PM. I am sure the aromatic fragrances wafting through the zoological gardens was raw to say the least, if you know what I mean.

To get the video to work, click on the little arrow button and you'll see a pop up window, in the new window, click again on the little arrow. Now I know you'll swear it was rehearsed over and over and my lines were scripted... but honest as hard to believe as it may seem, it was all adlib... uh huh...

So off to feed the ducks and fish in the pond. If you're not smart enough to bring food, you buy it from the little machines for .25 a handful. Into my pockets and find 2 quarters and give each girl one. The happily run off to throw food at the ducks and fish. Me, I sat down and had a well deserved cigarette. (yes, yes, I know it's bad for me, so save your breath). It was then that I needed to visit the men's room... obviously from drinking all that coke. "Girls? Come here for a minute" They both turn and start to walk towards me when Nina throws ALL her duck/fish food into the pond and nearly caused a mob riot in the water. "No, no Nina, you shouldn't have thrown it all into the water, I only wanted to ask if both of you would sit at the table here while I went to the bathroom."

Back with the girls we decide to see the lions and tigers. We walked around and around and around... we found the lion ground just fine... there weren't any lions or tigers. However, we did see the butt of a lion as it stuck out from his cave as he slept. Well, that was thrilling. Next we tracked down the elephants... of course they weren't anywhere near where we were... so off to the other side of the zoo. As we get closer, we have hear them blowing their trunks... we were so excited... we get there and the two elephants that we did see had their butts turned toward us... and they are BIG butts! so we really didn't get to see their faces. Plus one was ummm "doing his/her" business" Not a pretty site in 100 degree weather... and it didn't smell flowery either. Now I wished I had brought a cake of Limburger cheese to mask the smell.

Off to see the Koala bears... the sign said Koala BearS... being plural. We saw one and only one, sleeping up in a tree and guess which way he was facing? Did you guess away from us and we only saw Koala ass? This was getting stupid. We see the Giraffe section. All 3 of them were at the fence and facing the RIGHT way!! We hurried: Olivia: run, run, run. Nina: run, run, run. Me: run, limp, run, limp, limp... limp, limp, sweat and limp.

Yes! Animal face!! Oh we love you Giraffes!! The adorable baby Giraffe was so happy to see us, and as a welcome present he pooped on the ground, right in front of us! Now how cool was that? Within seconds, a smell I will never get out of my nose permeated the air around us. Honest to God, I was gonna throw up, right there on the Giraffes little head. Ok, enough is enough... I think we all had it with the smells of nature and the desert sun beating down on us.

Once back at the portable oven... sorry, car... we were gasping for air... I thought to myself, isn't this where the breathing masks are supposed to drop out of the overhead? Finally the car cools down enough and we head back. The girls: "When can we come again? We had fun!" Me: "I think visits to the zoo should be on special days girls... I know!! ...we can come on Christmas in December when it's not so hot... and see Santa's reindeers!" Girls: "Santa has his reindeers here on Christmas? If they're here how does he get around to deliver toys?" Me: "Hey! who wants to hear Deni Bonet sing again?!! Altogether now!"

Observations and Questions
I think they should open the zoo at night when the moon is out and not the sun. Talk about whatever is on your mind... and leave lots of questions for me to answer! lol

Today's Birthday and/or Death

In 1876 Antonio Lopez de Santa Ana, Mexican general and co-inventor of Chicolets (I swear to God it's true), dies at 82. Hope it's nice and toasty where you are. In his honor I am playing Deguello.

Gentle Reminder of the Day

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20 June 2005

My Adventures at the Zoo...


egan almost immediately. It was a nice start to Father's Day. I woke up early as normal, made coffee, showered and shaved... by the time I was done all that my coffee was done. Then I sat down to the computer... turned it on... got to the opening Windows screen... and waited, and waited, and waited... Turn the machine off, wait 60 seconds, turn it back on... and waited and waited and waited. Another dead 60 seconds, turned it back on... and waited and waited and oh hell you get the idea. ONE HOUR later after doing the same thing over and over... my computer decides to start up on its' own.

So I do my Father's Day blog, read email, visit some blogs, etc, etc.

I call the girls "Hi honey, I'll be there at 9AM to pick you up." "But Daddy we're all ready and waiting." "Ok, I'll leave now, be there in 10 minutes." It was 8AM...

I get to the house, the girls give me their Father's Day presents... home made things which I really do love, because they chose to make them rather than buy something I'll never use. Anyway, into the car... this is the first time both of them had been inside the car and going somewhere. I had to point out a few features. "Look at this girls... this display tells you how warm it's outside... it's 94 and we're heading W." Girls, "cool"

Within a few miles Olivia says, "Look Daddy, it's 96 now." I mention to the girls that after the zoo we could go have lunch wherever they want, which is what I thought were the original plans. Olivia and Nina go into a whispered conference in the back seat. Olivia: "We can't... we want tuna fish sandwiches." I mention that I don't think any of the restaurants where we would go sell tuna fish sandwiches. "I don't want anything but tuna fish sandwiches at Grandma's house." Hmmmm... "ok, guys... what's going on?" "Nothing, we just want tuna." Fine, tuna it is, I give up easy.

We get to the zoo... we're an hour early because we left earlier than I planned. To make a long story short I'll go faster: ...go to lake to see ducks, pigeon shits on my head... go to different part of the lake, another pigeon gets my shoulder. "Look Daddy, there's a thermometer and it's 98 now. "Wonderful" (or something close to wonderful) I mumbled. A volunteer is standing in front of the zoo gate. "Wanna buy a membership?" I told her I was a member already. "What level?", she asked. "Family", I said. "Let me show you the benefits of Platnum membership." This was getting worse. Go to entrance gate: Girl: "Hot enough for ya? It just hit 100"

At that moment I broke out into a major sweat. I swear the Atlantic Ocean was cascading down my forehead. We go immediately inside the restaurant and get ice cold cokes and popcorn. We all decide to sit inside and enjoy the cold air. We finish and head back outside. "ok guys, what animals do we want to see today?" My ex-wife and I learned when they were very young to ask them what animals they wanted to see... and we specifically went to see them and a few others along the way... that way we avoided the ENTIRE Houston Zoo which is miles and miles and miles of trails. Now me walking with a walker-cane... asking which animals has finally paid off. By now we were all sweating like pigs. "Daddy, can we go buy hats?" $100 later, we all had hats (see my Indiana Denny) picture above. Off we go... hats, visors, t-shirts, stuffed animals all in a bag... you already know who got stuck carrying it.

The first cage we get to... I'm not sure what it contained: rats, possums, skunks... who knows... "Nina says: "Daddy, why is that one on top of the other?" "God, do you really, REALLY hate me?" "Well Nina... I think the one on top is trying to kill the female on the bottom, let's move on quickly girls, the sun is really hot."

I'm sorry folks, just writing this is exhausting me. I think tomorrow may be Chapter 2. By the way, fast forward an hour later in the car: "Look Daddy" says Nina, "Now the thing says 102" Ugh....

Observations and Questions
Well, let's see... I could ask what you did fun yesterday? or Do you go to your local zoo? or free-style your comments.

Postcard of the Day

Today's Postcard is from Now Danny. It's an oil on canvass by John Rogers Cox, an American, 1915-1990. Called Gray and Gold... it is displayed at the Cleveland Museum of Art. Nice card Danny!

Today's Birthday

Geez, today was a good day for birthdays... Too many to list info, just names today: 1909 Errol Flynn, 1920 DeForest Kelley, 1924 Audie Murphy, 1924 Chet Atkins, 1928 Martin Landau, 1931 Olympia Dukakis, 1933 Danny Aiello, 1942 Brian Wilson, 1945 Anne Murray, 1950 Lionel Richie, 1952 John Goodman, 1953 Cyndi Lauper, 1957 Butch Patrick. Finally!

Gentle Reminder of the Day

Come on gang... get your picture to me if you want it displayed for the world to see.

We still have time gang, email me and I'll give you my home address... zip off a postcard and give me your address and I'll zip one off to you. It's been really interesting so far!
19 June 2005

Happy Father's Day!


nd after yesterday I am soooooooo glad I am here to celebrate this day. It was an exceptionally beautiful day in Houston. I thought I would take advantage of the sunshine and go for a drive in the country and headed to Navasota, Texas.

There I was driving along Highway 105, happy as a bird, singing along loudly with Deni Bonet whose CD was in the player. I think song #1 was playing: I Scream Your Name from her rocking "Bigger Is Always Better" CD. I definitely was screaming someone's name...

It was almost the last song I ever heard.

I was leisurely driving along within the speed limit which is 75 out there in the country. Out of the corner of my eye over on the left I see this dog... it was either a French Poodle or a Daschound. But what dog breed is no consequence to this story, it's what it almost used to be that is important to this story. The little doggie, also out enjoying the day decided to run across the highway, and play "chicken" just about the time I was coming around the bend in the road.

I saw the dog and thought to myself, "Please don't run across the highway" My telepathy was working but the dog must have heard me say: "Please doggie, run across the highway and in front of my car."

The dog darts out. Only seconds to react... I swerved to the left to avoid making hot dogs. As I missed the dog and was still in the oncoming lane... there was this HUGE tractor-trailer barreling down the highway directly towards me.

My life flashed before me, stopping only briefly to a memory of a girl named Minoche who I met in Italy. She was half French and Chinese. Anyway... this truck was only seconds and I do mean seconds (like 2 seconds) away from squashing me to pieces and sending me to my eternal reward... I swerved back into my lane with only a "breath" between me and the ultimate car trip. I looked in my rear mirror and saw the dog just happily sitting in the middle of my lane without a care in the world. He would live another day to give another driver a near heart attack.

As I rethink the whole episode, I wonder... was it the dog? was it me singing? was it Deni Bonet's song? what was it that caused the near miss? "Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn" I'm just tickled to dea... err happy I am here on this Father's Day to write this and later go to the Zoo with my daughters.

Happy Father's Day to all the dad's out there!!

Observations and Questions
If your a dad, any plans for the day? Even if you're not a dad?

Today's Birthday or Death Day

In 1953 the famed Rosenbergs executed at Sing Sing. While Julius took only 1 jolt, Ethel took 3 tries due to her petite size, the electrodes didn't fit properly...

Gentle Reminder of the Day

Plus have you sent me your picture to hang over on the wall on the right side yet? Also, we still have time gang, email me and I'll give you my home address... zip off a postcard and give me your address and I'll zip one off to you. It's been really interesting so far!

18 June 2005

Blatant Advertising


onest... this will be the only time I will ever bore you with Blatant Advertising. As you know, I formerly had Monique's Shopping Mall over on the sidelines. I thought it was neat but it just didn't do the business that I thought it would. The mounting cobwebs were clogging up the system.

So...... what did I do? Well, I've teamed up with a respectable travel company, Global Travel International, and became the owner of The Denny Shane Travel Agency! I've actually been looking around for something that I could do and hopefully make a little money also... as many of you know I've had a heart attack and two strokes, therefore not being able to work and on Social Security Disability, my income has been limited. I've never been a slacker in my life and now should not be a time when I should start developing a slacker attitude.

It would be nice if this takes off... it would also keep me out of trouble as it would occupy my mind. LOL... It's more to keep my brain active than making money, but hey, if I make a few bucks in the process then good for me! LOL

Need a vacation? Laugh, no I'm not going to do that to you... I value you more like friends than potential clients. However, if you need to go anywhere, consider clicking on the links on the left side of the blog and see what I can do to help you out with plane, hotel, car, etc.

That's it, no more advertising!! Oh stop clapping, it wasn't that bad!

Observations and Questions
I think today will be another free style day. Comment on anything you feel like... What are you having for dinner tonight and can I come?

Today's Birthday

In 1942, a voice that would change the music industry for ever... Paul McCartney, He's 63?????? Geez.

Gentle Reminder of the Day

Plus have you sent me your picture to hang over on the wall on the right side yet? Also, we still have time gang, email me and I'll give you my home address... zip off a postcard and give me your address and I'll zip one off to you. It's been really interesting so far!

17 June 2005

Yippee for Frigga Friday!!


nother Friday is upon us and plans for the weekend abound! Whoever thought up Fridays and the weekend should be a saint. I normally start looking forward to Friday first thing Saturday morning..

Friday is the sixth day of the week. The name is derived from the Germanic Frigga, the name of the Norse god Odin's wife. Frigga is considered to be the mother of all, and the goddess who presides over marriage. The name means loving or beloved. The corresponding Latin name is Dies Veneris, a day dedicated to Venus, the goddess of love and therefore also known as "date night"

So when you go into work today you can shout: "Thank God it's Frigga Friday." People will be amazed at your intelligence, and you will start getting questions like: "What's the meaning of life?" and therefore the office encyclopedia will have been born.

I've also decided that Saturday is not a nice day. Mainly because you have a major headache from having a great time on Frigga Friday night!

I know what you're thinking: "Ok smartypants, how about the other days of the week."

Well, since you are asking:

Sunday: Sunday is the first day of the week.
From prehistoric times to the close of the fifth century of the Christian era, the worship of the sun was dominant.

Sunday celebrates the sun god, Ra, Helios, Apollo, Ogmios, Mithrias, the sun goddess, Phoebe. The metal gold, as dedicated in the symbols of alchemy, is associated with the sun god and Sunday.

In the year 321, Constantine the Great ruled that the first day of the week, 'the venerable day of the sun', should be a day of rest. The sun's old association with the first day is responsible for the fact that the Lord's Day of Christianity bears the pagan name of Sunday.

Monday: Monday is the second day of the week, day of moon goddess, Selene, Luna and Mani. Derived from Lunae Dies, day of the moon, the name reflects the ancient observance of feast days dedicated to moon goddess or planet. The metal silver, dedicated to the moon, is associated with Monday.

Tuesday: Tuesday is the third day of the week. In the Roman calendar the corresponding day was dies Martis, the day of Mars, associated with Ares. Tiw's day is derived from Tyr or Tir, the god of honorable war, the wrestler and the son of Odin and, or Woden, the Norse god of war and Frigga, the earth mother. His emblem is the sword, and in olden days the people paid him great homage. Tuesday was named in his honor. The metal iron, dedicated to Mars and interpreted as his spear and shield, is an attribute of Tuesday.

Wednesday: Wednesday, the fourth day of the week, corresponds to the Roman Dies Mercurii. The name derives from the Scandinavian Woden (Odin), chief god of Norse mythology, who was often called the All Father. Quicksilver, a liquid mercury that contains amounts of the platinum group metals, has been interpreted as the caduceus of the Greek Hermes (Mercury in Roman myth), and is therefore an attribute of Wednesday.

Thursday: Thursday is the fifth day of the week. It derives its name from the Middle English Thoresday, or Thursdaye, corresponding to the Roman dies Jovis. Thor, the god of strength and thunder, defender and help in war, son of Odin, is the counterpart of Jupiter or Jove. Thor is one of the twelve great gods of northern mythology. He is the only god who cannot cross from earth to heaven upon the rainbow, for he is so heavy and powerful that the gods fear it will break under his weight. It was said that whenever Thor threw his hammer, the noise of thunder is heard through the heavens. Thursday was sacred to Thor. The metal tin is associated with the thunderbolt of Jupiter (Zeus in Greek myth) and is an attribute of Thursday.

Saturday: Saturday is the seventh day of the week, corresponding to the Roman dies Saturni, or day of Saturn, the Roman god of agriculture. Saturday is also represented by Loki, the Norse god of tricks and chaos. The metal lead is associated with the scythe of Saturn, and is therefore an attribute of Saturday.

Observations and Questions
Do you have a favorite day of the week? Which one and why? or you can free-style and write about anything you want!

Postcard of the Day

Today's Postcard is from Sara all the way from New Zealand. So far I believe she may be the furtherest I've received to date. Plus Sara said she got married in the exquisite Old St. Paul's Church, shown on the bottom right. The other buildings: Upper left are 19th century dwellings in the suburb of Thorndon. Top right: Plummer House (1873) located at 99 Coulcott St. and bottom left is the Kauri Mansion, Antrim House (1904)

Today's Birthday

Now this one is going to suprise y'all. Today's birthday is none other than John Robert Gregg, born 1867 in Ireland. Already you're asking... who the heck is he? Well if you are a secretary he invented something you probably use a lot. He invented Shorthand.

Gentle Reminder of the Day

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16 June 2005

Well, well, well...


fter two solid days of ranting you came back! My ego thanks you from the bottom of wherever an ego is located in my body.

Superman is Dead... Long Live Superman.

Today marks the day that the original Superman committed suicide. George Reeves who played the man of steel on TV, shot himself in the head. Isn't it ironic that two men, both who played Superman have both died of un-natural causes and both men were named Reeves.
I can remember when the news broke regarding the suicide of George Reeves hit the news. No! It can't be... tell me it ain't so... Superman killed himself? That may have been my introduction into the real world. Controversary surrounded his death as it does all Hollywood actors and actresses. The offical cause of death being suicide with a shot to the temple was never believed by much of the public. No, Superman was murdered. At the end of the show's run in 1957, it was well-known that Reeves was despondent because he felt type-cast because of his Superman role... People and movie-goers would only recognize him as Superman.

Observations and Questions
So, do you remember the original Superman? Suicide or Murder? You can ask me any buring questions you may have about me but were afraid to previously ask!! Heck, it can even be about sex (or lack of) Today Only!

Postcard of the Day

Today's beautiful postcard comes from Shauna way up there in Ottawa, Canada. Depicted on her card is Parliment and the Eternal Flame, or as the Canadians say: L'edifice du Parlement et la flamme du centenaire.

Today's Birthday

Born: In 1895, Stan Laurel comedian (Laurel & Hardy. As a kid always made me laugh. Deaths: In 1959, George Reeves TV actor who played Superman. I was in shock when this hit the newspapers and nightly news. Isn't it interesting both men, named Reeves played Superman and both died early in their life.

Gentle Reminder of the Day

Come on gang... just a few more... let's go! Some of you promised you would this week! Get your photo to me! I'm waiting.

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15 June 2005

We The Jury...


ind the defendant Michael Jackson: not guity, not guilty, not guilty, not guity, not guilty, not guilty, not guity, not guilty, not guilty. And that was that. MJ now joins the ranks of a very special club... the OJ Club which presently has only 2 members: OJ Simpson and Robert Blake.

Now the club has swollen to three. However, I now find myself in the position to disliking the jury moreso than the defendant. I watched all of the shows yesterday that had jury members as guests. I think these people were more enamored with themselves than handing down the truth and an honest verdict. They laughed in unison when one of them proferred a lame excuse for a joke. Telling the cameras how much they enjoyed themselves with each other. The press hanging onto their every word as if it were scripture. And the Press? Before the veridct it was that "poor family and poor 12 year old" and now that the verdict is in, it's: untrusting family and scam artist kid. WTF?

I'm sorry gang, I promise to be in a better mood tomorrow... I just wouldn't rest until I got this little rant off my chest. I very rarely rant on here, probably less that 3 times... sometimes I can't keep my mouth shut. If I have offended any of our group, I'm sorry... I didn't mean to do that and offer my sincerest apologies. Personally, I think MJ jerked himself off the charts. He'll never regain his former stardom... not in this country anyway.

Observations and Questions

What do you think? Am I not seeing the whole story here? If he were having a concert in your town and giving away free tickets would you go? Would you let your children have a sleep-over at Neverland?

Today's Birthday

In 1860 1st White settlement established in Idaho. Indians throw potato's.

Gentle Reminder of the Day

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Postcard of the Day

.Thanks to NowDanny for this cool idea. As I receive postcards as part of "The Postcard Club", I'll display them on the blog here.

Today's beautiful and artistic postcard comes from Zulu in Ohio. Don't forget folks, the postcard club is still on-going. Email me your address and I'll be more than happy to send one of mine out to you... and then you need to send me one. Come on, you know you wanna do it.

14 June 2005

" I Pledge The Allegiance...


o the flag of the United States of America for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for all. God Bless America." I'm sorry, that was the old version. If you prefer the new, official version just delete all references to God. At the ballpark I always say the old version, with my right hand over my heart. You know, the way it should be. I look around sometimes and people are standing with their hands at their sides, picking their noses, whatever. What happened to being Patriotic? Today is Flag Day, June 14th.

At one time the United States was the mark of Justice and Freedom, and respected throughout the world. What happened?

When did we begin this downslide? We are the only world power now but at what price? I never thought I would live to see the day when the majority of the world would hate us, but I have seen it. Now we have Presidents who get blowjobs in the Oval Office, Presidents having sex with movie stars, Presidents being accused of prolonging wars in order to make more money for their stock-held companies, and Presidents who in the beginning I thought would be good, but now have pretty much lost all of my respect for being a general idiot.

Will we survive in this atmosphere... I'm not totally convinced anymore. Now we look at every country, past allies and supporters of possible harm to us. Who is to blame? Maybe it's ourselves... we've allowed this atmosphere to take over, and quite frankly I don't know if we have the power to stop any of it.s Will things get better? I sure hope so. So many questions... so many unanswered.

Observations and Questions

Is it just me being pessimistic? How do you feel? Even if you are not from the U.S., I am really interested in other countries, and how your country views our country.

A Patriotic Quiz

Can you imagine working for a company that has a little more than 500 employees and has the following statistics:

36 have been accused of spousal abuse
7 have been arrested for fraud
19 have been accused of writing bad checks
117 have directly or indirectly bankrupted at least 2 businesses
3 have done time for assault
71 repeat 71 cannot get a credit card due to bad credit
14 have been arrested on drug-related charges
8 have been arrested for shoplifting
21 currently are defendants in lawsuits. and
84 have been arrested for drunk driving in the last year

Can you guess which organization this is?

It's the 535 members of the United States Congress.

The same group of idiots that crank out hundreds of new laws each year designed to keep the rest of us in line.

News Flash - Breaking News

This just in... Saddam Hussein has requested that his trial be moved to Santa Maria, California. Story at 11.

Today's Birthday

In 1946, Donald Trump aka The Trumpster aka The Donald. Also today, in 1864 Alois Alzheimer , in Germany, psychiatrist/pathologist (Alzheimer Disease).

Gentle Reminder of the Day

Come on gang... just a few more... let's go! Some of you promised you would this week! Get your photo to me! I'm waiting. And don't forget the postcard club... it's not over yet.

13 June 2005

Monday Travelogue - The Hooker


s promised in last Monday's travelogue I said that I would write about my trip to Naples... more specifically "the hooker". As you can imagine I had to clean this story up a lot. This event took place many years ago while I was in the Navy and a mere innocent young lad.

After an agonizing month at sea we were glad to be pulling into one of the coolest cities in the world, Naples, Italy. The birthplace of Pizza! We would have been better off had we stuck with the pizza. Anyway, I always looked at the guys on our ship as being on one side or the other. Meaning? Well on one side were the guys that owned all kinds of sophisticated camera equipment, were bent on taking that perfect picture of items and places of interest while on our cruises. Would spend days mapping out the points of interest to visit while in a forgeign port. Then there was my group. These were the guys that you always seen in the movies... the drunks, the guy always in fistfights... in jail, laying drunk in the street... genuinely embaressing themself and the USA. That was us... the party guys.

Being new in town we weren't familiar with all of the points of interest, but we had a great Captain and he put out a map of Naples to show us where things were. Right in the middle of the map was a large red box, out-lining a section of the city and in big red letters he wrote: "Pig Allee" You shouldn't go here" Well geez Capt'n, why not just draw us a map? Laugh. So off we go, straight for Pig Allee. After a few hours of enjoying the liquid refreshments of Naples we were approached by a gorgeous and I do mean absolutely, drop-dead gorgeous young Italian woman. For legal reasons, let's say she was 21. And she asked the right question, "You guys wanna have some fun?" Being sailors, we understood the foreign phrase "some fun" Ahem.

Off we went, the 5 of us... following her every footstep. Me? I was enjoying the fragrance of her perfume. Intoxicating. Finally we arrived at her house and she took us in and sat us on the sofa. She said "15 dollars each" We couldn't get the money out quick enough. She told us to sit on the sofa and wait to be called from upstairs, and out the front door she went. We sat their patiently waiting. Finally we heard that angelic voice call from upstairs... "ok, number 1" I was number 2, and was drunk enough not to care. No. 1 got up and walked up the rounded steps. He wasn't up there long at all... I don't even think 5 minutes. He came down, said, "unbelievable" and walked straight out the front door. It was my turn!! Yippeee! When I got to the top of the stairs I could see her laying naked on the bed. Holy Crap! The original girl was not there, instead this woman had to be at least 500 lbs and 100 years old... the only thing thicker than my head was her makeup. As it turns out the gorgeous girl was pimping for her grandmother. "Hi cutie" came the voice from the naked woman laying on the bed. No way... absolutely no way was I going through with this. I'll spare you the entire description. I turned around and walked in a stupor back downstairs. The remaining guys looked at me and said: "wow, you're done already?" I couldn't answer and walked outside while No. 3 excitedly anticipated his turn.... number 4 was already getting undressed.

Once outside I saw No. 1. We saw each other and started laughing... laughing so much we fell into the street laughing. One by one this same scenario was replayed until we were all outside. Once outside, we all admitted nothing was accomplished. Then out of nowhere the gorgeous girl appeared and asked if something was wrong. To make a long story short, she told us that she was the pimp and her grandmother was the "working girl".

Oh we got screwed that night, but not quite the way we were thinking. Laugh... Yes, a night to remember.

Observations and Questions

I'm not even sure there is an appropriate question for this subject. Why not switch the table and you ask me a question. About anything. Laugh

Next Monday's Travelogue

Naples, Pompeii and Vesuvius

Today's Birthday

In 1892 Basil Rathbone Johannesburg S Africa, actor (Sherlock Holmes)

Gentle Reminder of the Day

Come on gang... just a few more... let's go! Some of you promised you would this week! I'm waiting. And don't forget the postcard club... it's not over yet.

12 June 2005

Happy Sunday Everyone!


ell, here it is about 2:30AM. I woke up feeling quite refreshed. Took a nice hot shower and am now sitting here ready to bang out an exciting Blog for you. Before I started typing, I thought... let's put on some nice music for me to type along with. And my choice? Enigma. BIG MISTAKE! I started floating in and out of Enigma's pulsating beat. Then I found myself at the keyboard typing nothing. When will I learn not to try and type anything to Enigma? So once again I found myself down in the bottom of the barrel searching and I came up with this poor excuse for a blog entry today. I'm sorry folks, catch ya on the return. Laugh. But here are a few items I bet you didn't know! I never knew some of these... ok, I didn't know any of them. But now just wait until I am out on a date and casually mention these... how could any girl resist my intelligence!

A dime has 118 ridges around the edge.

A cat has 32 muscles in each ear.

A crocodile cannot stick out its tongue.

A dragonfly has a life span of 24 hours.

A goldfish has a memory span of three seconds.

A "jiffy" is an actual unit of time for 1/100th of a second.

A shark is the only fish that can blink with both eyes.

A snail can sleep for three years.

Al Capone's business card said he was a used furniture dealer.

All 50 states are listed across the top of the Lincoln Memorial on the back of the $5 bill.

Almonds are a member of the peach family.

An ostrich's eye is bigger than its brain.

Babies are born without kneecaps. They don't appear until the child reaches 2 to 6 years of age.

Butterflies taste with their feet.

Cats have over one hundred vocal sounds.

Dogs only have about 10.

"Dreamt" is the only English word that ends in the letters "mt."

February 1865 is the only month in recorded history not to have a full moon.

In the last 4,000 years, no new animals have been domesticated.

If the population of China walked past you, in single file, the line would never end because of the rate of reproduction.

If you are an average American, in your whole life, you will spend an average of 6 months waiting at red lights.

It's impossible to sneeze with your eyes open.

Leonardo Da Vinci invented the scissors.

Maine is the only state whose name is just one syllable.

No word in the English language rhymes with month, orange, silver, or purple.

On a Canadian two dollar bill, the flag flying over the Parliament building is an American flag.

Our eyes are always the same size from birth, but our nose and ears never stop growing.

Peanuts are one of the ingredients of dynamite. ~

Rubber bands last longer when refrigerated.

"Stewardesses" is the longest word typed with only the left hand and "lollipop" with your right.

The average person's left hand does 56% of the typing.

The cruise liner, QE2, moves only six inches for each gallon of diesel fuel that it burns.

The microwave was invented after a researcher walked by a radar tube and a chocolate bar melted in his pocket.

The sentence: "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog" uses every letter of the alphabet.

The winter of 1932 was so cold that Niagara Falls froze completely solid.

The words 'racecar,' 'kayak' and 'level' are the same whether they are read left to right or right to left (palindromes).

There are 293 ways to make change for a dollar.

There are more chickens than people in the world.

There are only four words in the English language which end in "dous": tremendous, horrendous, stupendous, and hazardous

There are two words in the English language that have all five vowels in order: "abstemious" and "facetious."

There's no Betty Rubble in the Flintstones Chewables Vitamins.

Tigers have striped skin, not just striped fur.

TYPEWRITER is the longest word that can be made using the letters only on one row of the keyboard.

Winston Churchill was born in a ladies' room during a dance.

Women blink nearly twice as much as men.

Your stomach has to produce a new layer of mucus every two weeks; otherwise it will digest itself.

Observations and Questions

Now honestly, did you know any of those? If you did then you are probably just as pathetic as I am. Laugh

Today's Birthday

In 1929, Anne Frank, born in Holland, Diarist and Nazi victim. The Diary of Anne Frank.

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Today's Birthday

In 1910 Jacques-Yves Cousteau born in France, oceanic explorer aboard Calypso.

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