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27 June 2005

100 Sheep, 99 Sheep, 98 Sheep...


ammit, can't you sheep all stay in a straight line? About 6 months ago my Doctor told me I wasn't sleeping enough. What? Everyone doesn't get by on 3 hours? Anyway she prescribed sleeping pills. She told me they were powerful... uh huh... Now instead of only getting 3 hours sleep, I vary...

One night it might be 6 hours, next night 3 hours, so on and so forth. So for 6 months that's how it's been. Since I've been taking these pills, I don't dream as much or don't remember them as I use to remember them. I also noticed since taking the pills that Julia Roberts has stopped coming for dinner and spending the night. Hmmm...

Last night I took all my medications at 8 PM. I fell asleep on the sofa watching the SciFi channel an hour later. I hate when I do that. So I woke up at 10PM, shut off the lights, and climbed into bed. I guess it was 11ish and I woke up again. Went to the bathroom and went back to bed. Next thing I knew it was 12:30AM... I didn't have to hit the bathroom again so I layed there and went back to sleep. Julia had decided to visit and mentioned we should change into something more comfortable. As she was changing BANG, my eyes were wide open and it was 2AM.

Ever have a really good dream and try and go back to sleep and pick up where you left off? It doesn't work. Julia left very frustrated. I threw the light blanket off and jumped out of bed... really pissed! I go back to the VA Hospital and see my Doctor at 10:30 this morning. I'm gonna tell her that this has to stop... and that Julia is really getting upset.

Observations and Questions
How do you sleep? Do you just give in and get up? Take sleeping pills? Does anyone wanna call me tonight and read me a bedtime story?

Postcard of the Day

Today's Postcard comes to me all the way from that faraway land known as Conroe, Texas. LOL. Beautiful Texas Sunflowers grace our postcard of the day and from MilkMaid.

Today's Birthday

In 1927, Bob Keeshan aka Capt Kangaroo also Clarabelle on original Howdy Doodey Show.

Gentle Reminder of the Day

Come on gang... get your picture to me if you want it displayed for the world to see.

We still have time gang, email me and I'll give you my home address... zip off a postcard and give me your address and I'll zip one off to you. It's been really interesting so far!
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