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01 June 2005

Banned For Life?


elieve it or not, I was once banned for life. I was reading An extraordinary woman in a mediocre life or Maria's Blog and she had a list going and one of her items: Once, at a bar: I got banned for life zoomed me back to when I was just on the edge of becoming a teenager and a little horror story...

Maybe I just turned 13, I can't remember... anyway... A local Catholic Church had weeky dances on Friday night. There were the usual assembly of kids... oh, it was open to kids of all ages... so already you know what a circus it must have been.

Anyway there I was, being the very cool, new teenager, dancing, making sure my hair was combed, zipper pulled up, important things like that, etc. A friend of mine was dancing up a storm and sweating profusely. Why I thought of it, I'll never know but I thought it would be very funny and cool to crumble potato chips ontop of his head and watch the crumbs stick to his forehead. Trust me, it was a riot! Even the recepient laughed hysterically... everyone that is except Father Costello. Where the hell did he come from?

The laughter died as he approached with out-stretched hands. Maybe he was going after some bad kid I thought. That thought was short-lived when he grabbed my shoulders. Oh shit, I thought... I am too young to die. "YOU, are a disruption to this event. I'll walk you to the door" he said in a condeming voice. Once at the door, he said: "YOU are NEVER allowed back into this dance... EVER, understand?"

Meekly, "yes Father" and out I went. Thrown out of my first dance. Banned for life from the Holy Name Church dance. How mortified I was...

Years later when I first got married, I moved into that parish. As I sat in the pew for the first Mass I had attended there, the priest came out of the sacristy to begin the Mass. "Holy crap, that can't be..." Ten years later Father Costello was still alive. The horror was coming back now... I think I broke out into a sweat.

After Mass the priest usually went to the back of the church and greeted everyone individually. I walked towards him... nah, he couldn't remember me... that incident was so insignificant in his life. "Shit, it was my turn" I stuck my hand out and I said "good morning" He looked at me with a faraway kinda look and shook my hand. I could tell his brain was searching... "Do we know each other?" he questioned. "Oh my God, how could he possibly remember?" "Why no Father, I'm new in this parish... never been here before." "Welcome" he said. My wife at the time said, "Are you ok? You look like you're going to throw up."

I'd like to personally thank Maria for jarring this memory loose. I will get you back.

Burning Questions and Comments

So boys and girls... has anything similar ever happened to you? Ever do something stupid, only to have it come back after years had passed?

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