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09 June 2005

Happy Birthday Cole...


here has all the music gone? As I was getting ready to do this morning's post and was searching for birthdays I saw that it was Cole Porter's birthday.

And that started me thinking... about music... and some of the real garbage that's out there today. It seems that anyone can be a star nowadays... they make one record and are billed as "mega-stars". It means nothing anymore. Slap together a few notes, scream into the mic and you're a hit, present company excluded. What do I mean by that? Well we have 2 recording ladies that grace this Blog every so often... they work very hard at their craft, and they are very good, and I wish them all the very best in their endeavors... they being: Deni Bonet, I'm listening to one of Deni's CD's right now. I have 2 of her CD's, and Marlee MacLeod, and am buying one of Marlee's CD's as well. Remember girls, when my CD comes out you have to buy one... Laugh. Why do I like these two... for one reason... I understand what they are singing about, understand the words and they enunciate.

And don't even get me started on RAP.... It should be banned simply because it sucks bigtime. There's some music out there that I don't even know what category it falls into or the type of music.

Now just because I am featuring a Cole Porter selection doesn't mean I am permanently on a turn-table of the pre-rock n roll period. That's not my point. I guess my point is I simply enjoy music and I may want to hum along with or tap my fingers or toes along with... and not appear to be some idiot that looks as though I have uncontrollable leg spasms. Am I making sense? I hope so because I think I am rambling. And that's a signal for me to shut up.

Observations and Questions

What kind of music do you like? Name a few people you really enjoy hearing?

Today's Birthday

In 1893, Cole Porter born in Indiana, composer and lyricist.

Gentle Reminder of the Day

The pictures on the right are just growing and growing. It looks like a Miss America pageant over there. Get yours to me today!

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