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20 June 2005

My Adventures at the Zoo...


egan almost immediately. It was a nice start to Father's Day. I woke up early as normal, made coffee, showered and shaved... by the time I was done all that my coffee was done. Then I sat down to the computer... turned it on... got to the opening Windows screen... and waited, and waited, and waited... Turn the machine off, wait 60 seconds, turn it back on... and waited and waited and waited. Another dead 60 seconds, turned it back on... and waited and waited and oh hell you get the idea. ONE HOUR later after doing the same thing over and over... my computer decides to start up on its' own.

So I do my Father's Day blog, read email, visit some blogs, etc, etc.

I call the girls "Hi honey, I'll be there at 9AM to pick you up." "But Daddy we're all ready and waiting." "Ok, I'll leave now, be there in 10 minutes." It was 8AM...

I get to the house, the girls give me their Father's Day presents... home made things which I really do love, because they chose to make them rather than buy something I'll never use. Anyway, into the car... this is the first time both of them had been inside the car and going somewhere. I had to point out a few features. "Look at this girls... this display tells you how warm it's outside... it's 94 and we're heading W." Girls, "cool"

Within a few miles Olivia says, "Look Daddy, it's 96 now." I mention to the girls that after the zoo we could go have lunch wherever they want, which is what I thought were the original plans. Olivia and Nina go into a whispered conference in the back seat. Olivia: "We can't... we want tuna fish sandwiches." I mention that I don't think any of the restaurants where we would go sell tuna fish sandwiches. "I don't want anything but tuna fish sandwiches at Grandma's house." Hmmmm... "ok, guys... what's going on?" "Nothing, we just want tuna." Fine, tuna it is, I give up easy.

We get to the zoo... we're an hour early because we left earlier than I planned. To make a long story short I'll go faster: ...go to lake to see ducks, pigeon shits on my head... go to different part of the lake, another pigeon gets my shoulder. "Look Daddy, there's a thermometer and it's 98 now. "Wonderful" (or something close to wonderful) I mumbled. A volunteer is standing in front of the zoo gate. "Wanna buy a membership?" I told her I was a member already. "What level?", she asked. "Family", I said. "Let me show you the benefits of Platnum membership." This was getting worse. Go to entrance gate: Girl: "Hot enough for ya? It just hit 100"

At that moment I broke out into a major sweat. I swear the Atlantic Ocean was cascading down my forehead. We go immediately inside the restaurant and get ice cold cokes and popcorn. We all decide to sit inside and enjoy the cold air. We finish and head back outside. "ok guys, what animals do we want to see today?" My ex-wife and I learned when they were very young to ask them what animals they wanted to see... and we specifically went to see them and a few others along the way... that way we avoided the ENTIRE Houston Zoo which is miles and miles and miles of trails. Now me walking with a walker-cane... asking which animals has finally paid off. By now we were all sweating like pigs. "Daddy, can we go buy hats?" $100 later, we all had hats (see my Indiana Denny) picture above. Off we go... hats, visors, t-shirts, stuffed animals all in a bag... you already know who got stuck carrying it.

The first cage we get to... I'm not sure what it contained: rats, possums, skunks... who knows... "Nina says: "Daddy, why is that one on top of the other?" "God, do you really, REALLY hate me?" "Well Nina... I think the one on top is trying to kill the female on the bottom, let's move on quickly girls, the sun is really hot."

I'm sorry folks, just writing this is exhausting me. I think tomorrow may be Chapter 2. By the way, fast forward an hour later in the car: "Look Daddy" says Nina, "Now the thing says 102" Ugh....

Observations and Questions
Well, let's see... I could ask what you did fun yesterday? or Do you go to your local zoo? or free-style your comments.

Postcard of the Day

Today's Postcard is from Now Danny. It's an oil on canvass by John Rogers Cox, an American, 1915-1990. Called Gray and Gold... it is displayed at the Cleveland Museum of Art. Nice card Danny!

Today's Birthday

Geez, today was a good day for birthdays... Too many to list info, just names today: 1909 Errol Flynn, 1920 DeForest Kelley, 1924 Audie Murphy, 1924 Chet Atkins, 1928 Martin Landau, 1931 Olympia Dukakis, 1933 Danny Aiello, 1942 Brian Wilson, 1945 Anne Murray, 1950 Lionel Richie, 1952 John Goodman, 1953 Cyndi Lauper, 1957 Butch Patrick. Finally!

Gentle Reminder of the Day

Come on gang... get your picture to me if you want it displayed for the world to see.

We still have time gang, email me and I'll give you my home address... zip off a postcard and give me your address and I'll zip one off to you. It's been really interesting so far!
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