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04 June 2005

My Friends...


e are gathered here today, in hopes of reading a humorous and interesting Blog entry. Really? haha.. the jokes on you. But thanks for stopping by anyway.

Once again something popped into my mind as I was playing around on Paltalk this morning. Is anyone out there on Paltalk? Yes, I am trolling! LOL... Anyway...

What popped into my mind you ask? How many times I have moved in my life. Betcha you're happy you stopped by now, aren't you? Too late, you're already here so you might as well sit down and relax.

As y'all know I am originally from Philly... then I moved to Texas about 10 years ago. I realized that it's been like a travelling sideshow ever since I've gotten here. Where I live now is my 14th residence in 10 years! I've had 3 homes and lived at 11 apartments. No, I don't skip rent and get kicked out. I just decide to move for one reason or another and I am getting that old itch again. I've lived here for 2 years now... 2 years? I'm practically homesteading. I've had a home in Philly and a summer house in Jersey... lived in Texas... and now I am even playing around with moving out of state. To where? I don't know. Maybe closer to Philly... like Virginia or someplace. There should also be a nice ratio of women to men. Like 10 females to every 1 man. Nice odds like that.

There's even a tiny bit of me that has considered Italy (E piacevole dove lei vive?) or France. (C'est agreable ou vous habitez?) Where's that dart and world map?

Observations and Questions

Would I be happy wherever you live? I don't mean move in with you... I mean in your city? Do you want to move somewhere else? Where?

Today's Birthday

In 1944 on this date, Michelle Phillips singer/actress (Mamas & Papas).

Gentle Reminder of the Day

We're off to a good start on the pictures on the right. How about you? Come on, you know ya wanna do it! Altogether now: "DO IT, DO IT"

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