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02 June 2005

Once In Awhile...


ou come across something that really makes you sit back and think. There are times when I look over my life and wonder what the hell have I done really important in this life. Then I take a look at my great great grandfather, James J. Edmonds, pictured here. The picture was taken at some point after the Mexican War but before the Civil War. I look at the picture often and wonder what his life was like back then in the mid-1800's. He served as a Private in Company G of the 2nd US Infantry during the Mexican War 1846-48. During that time his company went through San Antonio, Texas and the Alamo. Can you imagine that, he was there only 10 years after the infamous battle. And he walked through the very same doors that I have walked through countless times. Awesome!

I guess for some people that whole experience would be enough. But was it? Nope, he went on to join the Union Army during the Civil War. And at the Battle of Petersburg a cannon ball went through his leg and they amputated it.

Now we have a guy going back to Pennsylvania, minus a leg... to a family... Back then there was an extremely small pension for people in his category from the government. I have letter after letter that he wrote to the Department of War asking for a raise in that pension. It was like pulling teeth.

An attorney by trade, he eventually went on and was elected Justice of the Peace in Freemansburg, Pa.

Burning Questions and Comments

Have you ever wondered about your great grandparents and what they went through in their lifetime? Do you know anything about them? Whatever you may want to write is ok with me. I do not know why I even wrote this blog entry, but something must have edged me on to do it. Shrug.

The music playing today is Deguello. The deguello, music played by the Mexican army bands on the morning of March 6, 1836, was the signal for Antonio Lopez de Santa Ana' attack on the Alamo. The word deguello signifies the act of beheading or throat-cutting and in Spanish history became associated with the battle music, which, in different versions, meant complete destruction of the enemy without mercy. Here it is more refined and I really like it!

Today's Birthday

In 1904, John Weissmuller actor (Tarzan)/100m swimmer (Olympic-gold-1924, 28) But how old it Cheetah?

Gentle Reminder of the Day

We're off to a good start on the pictures on the right. How about you? Come on, you know ya wanna do it!

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