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07 June 2005

Things I Need To Get Out...


ff and out of my brain. Now before I start, if there are ANY Michael Jackson fans out there, do not read any further. I really thought I knew everything... but once in awhile along comes something that makes my brain shut down. I've tried very hard to keep away from using this Blog as a vehicle to pontificate on the sideshow in California AKA the Michael Jackson trial. I have a few questions... chime in anyone, anywhere with an answer.

REVEREND JESSE JACKSON VISITS COURTHOUSE does Jesse Jackson get paid? Any by who? I know he has this Rainbow Coalition going for him... do they pay him? Where do they get their money? The poor public? And all I ever see is Jackson running all around the country marching a few blocks in a parade, or making a 15 minute speech and then BANG... he's off again. Hey, I would have LOVED a career such as the one he has. I could travel the world, meet Kings, Queens, and blah, blah, blah. Ok, enough about him.

He would be remanded to the California State Prison in Corcoran, CA. Why? Because it is the only CA prison with a special unit for "special cases" of which MJ is definitely one. Personally, I'd love to see MJ in the general population... but the prisoners in any prison are known for their violent dislike for child molestors. Anyway, MJ would be in this special unit along with fellow inmates Sirhan Sirhan (convicted of assassinating Robert F. Kennedy just minutes after Kennedy won the California Presidential Primary on 5 June 1968 and good ol'boy Charlie Manson. Does anyone need a reminder who Charlie is? Didn't think so... What a great time these three will have sitting around the old cell block chewing the fat, singing, and I don't even want to think about what else.

Now Judge Roy Melville has the option of letting MJ out on bail, etc. until his next trial. However there are many pundits out there betting that the Judge won't allow it because of all the shenanigans during the trial... being late, showing up in pajama's, etc-ad-nauseum.

Do I think MJ is going to flee to France or some other place? Yes. A definite flight risk. This judge seems to be hard-nosed however and he may not give MJ bail and lock him up immediately after the verdict is read by the jury, if he is found guilty. The longer the jury is out, the chances grow that he will be convicted. The ONLY person in this whole mess that I feel sorry for is his mother, Mrs. Jackson. She seems to be the only normal person in this America's Most Dysfunctional Family.

Corcoran Prison is a fun place however, not exactly like Neverland but full of amusement ideas to make the prisoners feel happy. One of the funnest nights is Gladiator Night. Rival gang members were set up like Gladiators to have fist fights on tiny, enclosed prison yards so that they could be shot (some to death) by unseen guards in overhead catwalks who were betting on the outcome of the fight. Unfortunately the State of Calif. took away this entertainment years ago.

"For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God". - Romans 3:23
What I find interesting is that MJ belonged to a Jehovah's Witness church not far from Neverland. He was a member years ago, but then for unknown reasons he wrote them a letter saying basically, "bye bye". Recently however, within the last 2 weeks he has been attending services there again with his children. Funny how these guys always turn to God in the end. Anyway, the Church sent him a letter asking him not to attend services since he was not wanted there. Now correct me if I'm wrong but isn't the church in business to save souls, take in the sinners and make them Holy?

Observations and Questions

To be perfectly honest, if I were MJ, I'd be outta here to places unknown in the world. He cannot survive in prison for 20 years. What do you think? Guilty? Innocent? Will he skip the country and flee?

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