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15 June 2005

We The Jury...


ind the defendant Michael Jackson: not guity, not guilty, not guilty, not guity, not guilty, not guilty, not guity, not guilty, not guilty. And that was that. MJ now joins the ranks of a very special club... the OJ Club which presently has only 2 members: OJ Simpson and Robert Blake.

Now the club has swollen to three. However, I now find myself in the position to disliking the jury moreso than the defendant. I watched all of the shows yesterday that had jury members as guests. I think these people were more enamored with themselves than handing down the truth and an honest verdict. They laughed in unison when one of them proferred a lame excuse for a joke. Telling the cameras how much they enjoyed themselves with each other. The press hanging onto their every word as if it were scripture. And the Press? Before the veridct it was that "poor family and poor 12 year old" and now that the verdict is in, it's: untrusting family and scam artist kid. WTF?

I'm sorry gang, I promise to be in a better mood tomorrow... I just wouldn't rest until I got this little rant off my chest. I very rarely rant on here, probably less that 3 times... sometimes I can't keep my mouth shut. If I have offended any of our group, I'm sorry... I didn't mean to do that and offer my sincerest apologies. Personally, I think MJ jerked himself off the charts. He'll never regain his former stardom... not in this country anyway.

Observations and Questions

What do you think? Am I not seeing the whole story here? If he were having a concert in your town and giving away free tickets would you go? Would you let your children have a sleep-over at Neverland?

Today's Birthday

In 1860 1st White settlement established in Idaho. Indians throw potato's.

Gentle Reminder of the Day

Come on gang... just a few more... let's go! Some of you promised you would this week! Get your photo to me! I'm waiting.

Postcard of the Day

.Thanks to NowDanny for this cool idea. As I receive postcards as part of "The Postcard Club", I'll display them on the blog here.

Today's beautiful and artistic postcard comes from Zulu in Ohio. Don't forget folks, the postcard club is still on-going. Email me your address and I'll be more than happy to send one of mine out to you... and then you need to send me one. Come on, you know you wanna do it.

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