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22 June 2005

You Are Getting Sleepy...


can see lots of money around you, all over the place, but none of it belongs to you." Well crap, isn't that just perfect. That's how my life regression session started out yesterday. Oh, did I forget to tell you? A friend of mine reads fortunes, tea leaves, tarot cards, some kind of little finger bones, broken sticks and other paraphanalia She has been after me for years (no, unfortunately not THAT way), to let her do a reading on me. Being the over-bearing, strong-willed, brain power vise-grip that I am. (I'm really not, but that what my divorce papers said) In a moment of weakness I succumbed to having all kinds of weird stuff done to me yesterday (and no, unfortunately not THAT way, again... sigh)...

We started off by lighting some incense to get us in the mood. The lights were dim and the curtains tightly shut. I truly would not be a bit suprised if Bela Lugosi walked in and sat down at the table and held our hands. I was kinda disappointed that there was no eerie music in the background. I kept all these comments to myself of course. I could feel myself awake yet going to sleep at the same time. Oh, I didn't tell you I was being hypnotized? LOL... It was a strange kinda feeling...

What I am about to tell you all is something that I have NEVER, ever told a living soul. When I was in Italy and specifically Pompeii, I had this eerie feeling that I had been there before but it, the city, was different. While the group wandered around aimlessly, I knew where things were without a map. I knew where the amphitheater was located, the infamous house of prostitution, even the bakery. Very strange and that feeling has returned everytime I talk about Pompeii or Vesuvius. This feeling was repeated when I would visit Rome as well.

I could hear "Magda" say "1" and I was wide awake. In front of her was a legal pad with a lot of writing on it. She started reading it from the beginning. Remember in the beginning where I was surrounded by all this money? I was a banker in a past life in the 1800's, in Virginia.

However the thrust of this story is what she eventually relayed to me. I was a Roman free citizen and born in 49 A.D. I just happened to be finishing up some vacation time on 14 August 79 A.D. Where? Funny you should ask... Pompeii. The very next day on the 15th my vacation spot was buried under lava. However, I left Pompeii and on my way back to Rome the day BEFORE Vesuvius errupted and Pompeii was destroyed. By the time I had gotten to Rome, everyone knew about Pompeii and Herculeum and Vesuvius. I was in complete shock. Now I think I understand my fascination with Pompeii and Rome. If you remember a few weeks ago when I started Travel Monday, I mentioned Naples and Vesuvius and Pompeii and said I would write about it this week. How eerie is this that in a way I did write about those places but never dreamed it would be in this context.

I was enthralled with Magda's story and wanted to know when we could do it again. Then she said she was in the process of moving to California. She wanted to do this for me as a going away present and I was her last in Texas. How nice. Now that she has me hooked, she's leaving me in a pile of burning lava so to speak.

Observations and Questions
Have you ever been to a fortune teller? Learn anything good?

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Today's Postcard is from blue2go. The Port of Entry is the setting for this scene from Duluth, Minnesota. An anchored vessel awaits entry into the Duluth Harbor. The ship will enter through the Duluth Ship Canal which was dug in 1871. Thanks blue2go... very beautiful card.

Today's Birthday

In 1858, Giacomo Puccini Italy, operatic composer (Nessun Dorma, etc.).

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Come on gang... get your picture to me if you want it displayed for the world to see.

We still have time gang, email me and I'll give you my home address... zip off a postcard and give me your address and I'll zip one off to you. It's been really interesting so far!
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